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  • The Tribe K-Close (Not FT'd)

    Hey guys, so today on the bus i was thinking of a new, fun way to K-close.I came up with this idea.. it's pretty rough so feel free to improve it, try it, critique it, or to straight up tell me it sucks ass lol.

    So you're off into comfort just about making your way to the k-close. Then you do the following "Tribe K-Close".

    PUA: My buddy travels a lot and he showed me this cool book on the different cultures in the world, and there's this cool part about how different people say "hello".

    In North america for example we say hello with a handshake like this. *shake hands with HB* (neg a soft handshake, a hard one if necessary.. just be cool/cocky funny/playful)

    And in some places in South America they have a different handshakes, like this one *Shake hands again(maybe using two hands this time), but do a weird one... be as creative as you want.* (once again be playful/cockyfunny)

    In Europe of course they do the kisses on the hand or cheek. If you've just met a girl you'd kiss them on the hand like this. *kiss her on the hand*(romantic style), but if you know them you do three soft kisses on the cheek and they do it back. *kiss on the cheek 3 times.. She should also kiss back*(be playful with a hint of intent/seduction)

    But the weirdest one was from tribes in Australia, if you've just met a girl you'd touch her neck and then touch the tips of your noses and foreheads together. *place your hand on the back of her neck slowly and then touch her nose with the tip of yours briefly. If she doesn't hesitate, stay close face to face and say in a soft voice, 'and if it feels like you've met the girl before they do this' *k-close** (you could also replace that with "and if you met the girl before" but i think the one i put originally is more seductive..)

    Then you can follow up and break the tension with some cheesy line like "i could say hi to you all day"(lol), or "it's weird eh?, imagine what it'd be like if we did that here" or you could just body rock out, look back as if you just saw her for the first time and say "oh, hello" continue to make out.(ok.. so kinda really lame but you get the idea lol) The possibilities are endless.

    So thats it i guess.. I think its a plausible idea because its a lot like Style's EV. The kino escalation is epic, but i think it can be pulled off if you sell it right and if you got the balls. Anyways, yeah just tell me what you guys think about it... go easy on me this is a rough draft, kinda thought of most of it on the spot. Going to test it out myself asap and i'll tell ya how it goes!