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  • Spider Dream Comfort (tested)


    Iīve made a routine to get more comfort from a girl and it will underline the protector of loved ones.

    Itīs the Spider Dream Routine

    PUA : Iīve dreamed of you.

    HB : Really, what?

    PUA : Iīve dreamed that we were together sitting ouside watching the stars.But then i had a call to check something and i had to go, you said you would wait for me under the stars.After a while i see a spider plague. I directly try to get you on the handy cause i know your afraid of spiders.i canīt get you. As fast as i can i came to you saw you sitting afraid in a corner.I grabbed your hand and got you out of there

    Iīve tested it a couple of times now and always get a great respond of the girls but it only work in C, i think C2 is the best because you know her a bit better and you should check if she is really afraid of spiders.

    Hope you get the Point
    Feel free to comment


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    Great example of stacking realities. And nice twist to hit the protector switch, an often unused switch.

    Good for use on a day2, but what about the initial approach?

    I bet you could figure out a slightly different version that would work in a any phase.

    Want to develop it?


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      This is good. You could definately use this dream scenario in many ways especially if you added humor you could use it in attraction or even change it a little for comfort on the first night you could almost make it into a future projection.


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        Hey thanks for the answers.

        Sure i want to develop that Routine but iīve no clue how to use it for the inital approach for example or the other phases.

        You have already any ideas in your head?




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          When you frame something as a dream, you are creating an alternate reality that she can temporarily be immersed in. In terms of NLP this is stacking realities. By inviting her into an alternate reality, a fantasy, she is freed of the restrictions of being herself. This means she can consider the most wild and strange ideas temporarily.

          Your scenario has a protector of loved ones theme. But suppose you talked about a dream where you had a different kind of material. Material that is for opening or attraction or even spiking buying temp.

          Take it a step further and suppose it wasn't a dream but a radio show you heard, a movie you saw, a book you read, an article on yahoo, or a story a friend told you. Change the frame or context but keep the stacking realities part.

          So you can frame (the dream, movie, etc.) the material any way you want to.

          I've found the frame functions as a transition to the material, no real setup is needed.

          This is some crazy shit man, keep thinking about it and using it and I bet some surprising shit will happen!


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            This is really crazy shit.
            Your explanation is great, this really shoud be developed.
            I havenīt thought about the things with the movie, book etc.
            I will think about other Storys and mabye something that will use other switches or some DHV.

            Thanks for that man.




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              You know, you could stack these for all the attraction switches in pretty quick succession. Like boom boom boom, one story right after another, each with the alternate reality and an attraction switch. And you could bounce between dream, radio show, TV show, magazine pretty quickly without losing threads.


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                Allright guys I'm gonna help those who don't understand why all this magical, dreams, alternate reality stuff works on girls.
                Women are more receptive and intuitive than Males, They are more oriented to the spiritual, the fantasy, the dreams, destiny, magic, etc.
                Males are more imposing/ giving and more oriented to logic, competition, strength, technology, objectivity.

                Well media and society have totally disrupted this balance, and have made us believe we have to be what we see on tv and movies in order to be happy.

                Anyways back to the point. You have to understand that a woman does not want to feel she is being manipulated by you, but if she feels you and her are both being driven by a stronger force then it is destined, magical, fantastic.

                Of course you as the male always lead always drive, never pressure her in making decisions you are the giver the creator of the reality/ experience/ moment and she is there to enjoy the ride. Ok sometimes you let her have control but always offer multiple choice, give her something to work with.

                For example I might say to a girl , while in comfort:

                " You know I have to tell you the weirdest thing. You know the day we first met , I had a dream the night before, and the most amazing thing is that... Everything happened just like in the dream."
                "OK, So here's the dream: I am at a table with some friends, there are two tables side by side. I am sitting on one and directly across but on the other table to my left is a girl. There are a bunch of other people sitting on the left table and only me and a friend on my table." Now I feel a connection to this girl but I am too busy talking to my friend and she seems too busy talking to the others at her table."
                Then the scene changes And I am in a vast ocean it is blue and beautiful , the sky is clear and clear . There are two platforms One has a playground.
                I fly to the playground and tell the girl to come play cuz in the dream I felt a connection with her , But she is too shy and dumb to come alone so she tells one of her guy friends to come along.
                I immediately feel blocked, but i overcome the blocked feeling then the scene changes and there is a naked dance between and a man and a female, Its not porno its more like the Artsy type with classical music playing in the background"
                I have to say that freaked me out cuz thats exactly what happened with you and me, You were with those guys I was with my people, You know we talked and the connection was there but the others kept distracting us, it is as if we were separated by the others, Then I tried to talk to you but you were too distracted with those other guys. Until I finally managed to get you alone"
                "Well that only accounts for the first scene, I'm waiting to see how the naked play scene turns out "

                The cool thing about this is that she wont know if I'm joking or if I actually dreamed it, she will be intrigued by a possible acceptance of destiny. Of course I will make sure that she is tittering between "Is this guy playing me or is he serious" through body language and tone

                BTW - this actually happened but is not important, More important is to find the logic behind the fantastic so it appeals to you and to be able to communicate with women on a subject that is appealing to her, while genuinely acting interested and not just an empty act of pretending
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                  Hey ALN, you should post more!