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  • The "Present" isolation routine

    Hello everyone, here is a routine that my wing Magic aka TheMagicMan and I like to do. It has been field tested only a few times so criticism would be very helpful. This could also be in the A3 phase if you like but I thought the comfort phase would be more suitable to post this in.

    This routine is called The "Present" isolation routine. It consists of a neg and a way to isolate your target.
    There are a few requirments that you must have but are quite easy to get.
    1. A present which can be whatever you want but we have used a card printed out that says "I got you this because I think you are beautiful." Haha I know it's cheezy but luckily it doesn't come from us .
    2. A pack or piece of gum. Preferably a larger one like 5 gum but any gum will do.

    Now here is the routine.

    After you have been through A1 and A2 with a target. You can either isolate her and then move on into A3 or wait until after A3 to isolate. This routine should be done after your target moves away to go to the bathroom, to the bar, to meet a friend etc.

    After she has gone to the bathroom, bar etc. you go to her and say
    "Jeez, you are a hard girl to find. Look, some guy over there wanted to give you a present, but was too shy. So he asked me to give it to you. He gave you this card, asked me to read it to you. It says 'I got you this because I think you are beautiful.' I think he is gone now, but I also got you a present and it's because I think your breath stinks a bit." As I say this I get out the piece of gum. Sometimes, I like to purposely make my breath smell bad and then she will say. "But your breath smells bad too!"
    And then I say "And that's why I'm taking the other half. What, you think I'd let you have the whole piece? Haha." I then say I have something to show her and to follow me. Sometimes she will not catch up on the bad breath or I choose not to make it smell bad and just isolate after giving her the whole piece.

    Well that is the "Present" routine that helps isolate your target. I would appreciate any criticism.
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    You purposely make your breath smell bad sometimes?!


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      Yes only if I would like to add an extra neg in there. Sometimes she just says "Your breath doesn't smell that good either." I then say "That's why I'm taking the other half, you think I'd let you have a whole piece?"
      It doesn't happen often though.