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  • Rock Paper Scissors kiss-close - untested

    As another addition to my RPS-related routines, check out my RPS kiss-close. This is also untested, and will probably remain so for a few years unless someone is kind enough to try it out and report back.

    RPS kiss-close: After building enough attraction and receiving three IOIs, whether or not you have used the RPS opener/routine previously, say to her "Alright, let's play Rock Paper Scissors. If you win, you get to kiss me. Only one, mind". If she asks what happens if she loses, tell her "no kiss for you, obviously". As long as she agrees to the game, she is comfortable with the idea of a kiss.

    Attempt to lose to her. If you succeed, say "I'm still not sure, but I suppose you won it fair and square". From this point on, feel free to relax into the kiss and make it sensual, rather than continuing to pretend that you're not enjoying it.

    If you happen to win the match, commiserate her bad luck, but make sure not to give her another chance to beat you, as this will seem needy and could potentially make her lose attraction. If you've reached this point, the kiss should come naturally later, and you can throw in a comment like "now you've got me curious as to what it would be like to kiss you" (referencing her failed attempt prior), before merging into a different kiss-close routine, such as Mystery's Kiss-close.


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