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  • Magic Card Routine for Magicians

    This routine is for pua's who know some magic

    First i do a simple card force e.g hindu shuffle to make her choose a certain card (email me if you want to know how to ill point you in the right direction)


    I pretend that the trick has nothing to do with magic and im going to use psychologically read her facial/vocal cues to predict her card (magic is fake, but psychology can be seen as a real skill and its chick crack, i use a kino routine here like holding both hands indicating that one hand is black and the other red to feel the slight movement etc) make her count from 1-10 and say "im listening for you vocal changes" etc

    then guess the correct card

    After this i teach her how to read my mind and she makes me choose a card and trys to read my signals (this is great for rapport building as it shows that you understand each other)
    you could just lie and say that she guessed right, but most times i will give the card away purposely e.g sound different on correct number

    now buying temp is pumped and you have a good rapport,
    inorder to anchor this feeling and exchange contact details
    i grab a napkin or whatever and write "Chris's(me) Magic Show.....(name of girl) V.I.P Pass" and tell her to look after this! as when im rich and famous she should show this at the door for vip access. (i also wrote my youtube account and told her to watch my vids, it also lets her contact me)
    Now next time she looks at it she will remember the good times she had

    this is just one of the emails i received from using this, its packed full of IOI's
    Subject, Hi!!!
    Hi chris! it's Mari, Yoshi's friend. hope you remember me. lol
    How are you doing? are you on a trip?

    It was great meet you last night. I had a really good time with you guys. I wish I could speak English much better, I wanted to talk and ask a lot, but i just couldnt. how stupid and ignorant i am..! but I'm impressed with you and Alex. You guys are so smart and knowledgeable, and I was

    surprised at your magic! I also watched your video and I had no idea how you did those magic..! I want to see more, so can you come over to show your magic again??

    Anyway, I was glad to meet you guys, hope we'll get a chance to hang out again someday. (smily)
    Enjoy the rest of your stay in Japan! and if you have a chance to come to Tokyo again, please let me know so that we can hang out. :-)

    P.S. I listened to the song "Michelle" and love it!!! it's a cute song and now it's one of my favorite beatles songs. see my name on here,youtube, I picked up the name, Michelle. haha lol
    Thanks for giving me a pretty English name. lol
    ah don't forget to say hi and thx for yesterday to Alex and David. (smily)

    Talk to you soon. Bye.

    try it ive had nothing but success and good times

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    Thats actually a pretty smart routine right there. DHV's yourself about knowing how to read vocal tones etc and gives her a sense that you two are connected through telepathy or whatever. What i usually do is do the "2 card monte" trick which makes the girl feel kinda stupid because you introduce it as just a game, not a card trick. Then say it wasn't fair and then i usually go into some type of trick involving her picking a card, signing it and then i control it around the deck. Then i can give her the card afterwards anchored w/ the fun and excitement of it. I also run this trick where i shuffle her card into the deck, then put 1 card at a time down on the table, then she says stop and the top card is her card, that ususally gives her the sense that we are a team and have great esp. i like the quick approach of yours though, def gonna try it out! thanks


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      Another one i like that i THINK i posted here, is the prediction trick. Most magicians know how easy this is. Know the top card, tell them to cut the deck into 3 piles. You MIRACULOUSLY know all three cards they cut to! David Blaine did a version where he had them touch the card. I do that now to build rapport and comfort, saying "I'll transfer my magic to you. You can do it, trust me". Then I have them pick the cards, and they did it right!! Of course, Kino (holding hands) and eye contact.