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  • Birthday/Astrology Routine - Guess her birthday correctly (Untested)

    hey guys just thought of this one iv not tested it yet ( maybe someone has done his before ) and would love to hear any reports of this being field tested.
    Ok heres how it goes and it does take a little bit to setup. First you would need to know the target through some social network site e.g. facebook it would be better if this was someone you had just met quite recently. Then you can go on facebook and find out her birthday.After that you can then do a little research into her astrological sign(having knowledgeof all star signs is better) Then after that you can eiher arrange or conviniently meet up with the target. After you start talking to the girl and put a few dhv's in run something like the ring gambit on her ( This always seems to create a lot of interest ) then say something like you know what you have all the characteristics of a pisces or maybe a leo etc etc... at this point you should really notice her giving you her full attention she may even respond with yes i am a pisces etc etc... Then you can go one step further by saying you know what ? let me have a go at guessing your birthday. Then look her dead in the eyes for a few seconds and say hmm 2 months are coming to mind then name 2 months obviously the correct one and the other month corresponding to the other star sign. Then you should guess the month correctly and watch the delight in her face. then go on with somethin like you know im guessin its also somewhere near the beginning/middle/end of that month and watch her nod along excitedly. Then after a few seconds name the date and VOILA instant attraction.
    Or you could guess a day or so out ( that way she wont feel like youv completely sold your soul to the devil)
    REMEMBER never reveal how you came to this answer as it would maybe make you look like a serious creep. And if you think that maybe this seems like a lot of effort to go to remember that every great magic trick in the world is all down to preperation. I already have a couple of targets that im thinking of trying this on over the festive period keep me posted

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    While this sounds like a good idea on the surface there's something you need to remember..... Facebook stalking is creepy. More than that it's downright weird and if she finds out you'll not only be blown out with her but with her friends as well. At the very least it's a DLV because you've been looking her up.

    You've got one thing right here. Learn about the signs of the zodiac and what they supposedly say about people (this is basically some of the oldest cold reading nonsense available) then ask her when her birthday is as part of a conversation among friends, she may even bring it up herself. Then based on what you know about her from [B]conversation[/B] you can tell her about her personality using the parts of her star sign which seem to apply to her.

    The key thing here is that you have a natural conversation with her and find out who she is in person, finding out through some social networking site is just weird and is a missed oppertunity for conversation.


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      I intentionally try to avoid looking up a girl on Facebook. I mean, what fun is it if I know what her favorite bands are ahead of time before she tells me. It is weird but I understand the desire for guys to look at pictures. I have been blown out as a result of Facebook, but not with a group of girls but rather excommunicated from my social group...long story. My life would be different if that website did not exist, that is for sure.