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  • The Little Sister System

    [B][U]The Little Sister System (Induction Routine)[/U][/B]

    Alright, this is a work in progress.

    There's a system I've been working on which will change depending upon your goals in the game.

    A while ago, I came across a line. I'm real sorry to whoever wrote it, I've totally forgotten where I found it, but massive props to whoever you are for coming up with it...

    'You're adorable. I'm gonna have to adopt you as my little sister; we can climb trees and drink kool-aid and (insert relevant activity here)'

    I started using it a lot, especially in online game. It acts as a false disqualifier while simultaneously developing conspiracy and building comfort. I changed it a little to suit my own ends (we don't have much kool-aid in the UK). After a while, a pattern began to emerge and I started introducing rules for my 'sisters' to follow. I didn't really think much to it at first, but the responses from the girls got better and better. I'll explain to you a little of the routine...

    After some qualification, wait for the opportunity and tell the girl you're gonna adopt them. Tell them they're adorable and that usually you'd wait a little longer before inducting them but they were just SO cute!
    Tell her that you're gonna adopt her as your sister, not your daughter, DUH!
    Next, tell her that she's almost cool enough to be part of the family but that there are rules and regulations she will have to follow; there are privileges, too, but only if she follows the rules. There are ways to say this without it coming across as if you're trying to play a tyrant; keep it playful, smile as you say it, but whenever she laughs, communicate the seriousness of the system. Tell her it works.
    At this point she'll probably ask for the rules. Build a yes ladder; 'Do you wanna know the rules? Are you sure? Are you cool enough?'

    Now, there are three rules I use. They're all reasonable and comfort building rules and they involve quality of character...

    1. No whining! Loss of privileges.
    2. No bitching! Especially not about the other sisters. All my sisters are beautiful people and I would hate to hear of any jealousy or contempt stirring within the circle.
    3. If I make a decision one of you girls aren't happy about, although I totally appreciate and respect your opinions, don't press the matter, it'll only make me irate.

    It's a DHV, a neg and a show of preselection. The delivery should be one hundred percent confident, with eye contact where appropriate.

    Now, I have about six or seven sisters. This next part is critical. You're gonna talk about the privileges of being your sister; the incentive to follow the rules. If you've DHV'd enough and built attraction, she's gonna wanna do it anyway, just to be part of your life, but check this out...

    All my sisters get an arm, no matter what. Unless you whine, of course.
    Hand holding is also a given, but don't get clingy about it.
    Hugs and kisses are granted occasionally and more so if you do awesome stuff; you gotta wait until they're offered, though. If you want them when they've not been offered, you gotta request it.
    You should take advantage of any freebies you're given, they won't come around very often. To anyone else, it's a fiver to touch.

    Welcome her to the family. Stress again that you wouldn't usually induct her so early, but she was just SO adorable.
    If you haven't kissed her yet, tell her to shut her eyes while you induct her. Kiss her.

    If you don't know how to do 'the eyes', learn. Kissing a girl without her blatant permission is a risky business and unless you can enchant her with your eyes right after, it can be trouble. As you pull away, tilt your head down a little, smirk, widen your eyes and lock eye contact, firmly. The gaze should be focused, but glazed a little; allow your pupils to enlarge and the in your iris glisten.

    Talk a little more; answer any questions she may have about the system. How many sisters do you have? Assign her a position. Tell her each of your sisters are special in their own way and have their own skills and abilities. She can be the artist sister, the photographer sister, the model sister, or the linguist sister. The important thing her is to make her feel as if her personal persuits are being recognised and appreciated.

    The last part of the induction routine is the mention of the Funny Business Request Form. It's an afterthought, you almost forgot...

    There's also a 'Funny Business Request Form' that you gotta fill out, that I'll need in a couple of days before the proposed date. It has to go through my secretary, then be personally approved, etc etc... you know how it is.
    You'll probably be playfully called a geek, or be reassured that she won't be filling one in anytime soon. This is ASD; it's just been implied that you kiss a lot of girls and now, they fill in forms to do sexual things with you. She's a little weird about that, but it'll pass when she notices how comfortable and relaxed she feels around you.
    Sometimes, she'll ask you for a copy of the form, in which case, tell her you'll email her it. If you're doing the routine over MSN or MySpace (I actually do this more often than you would expect), tell her you'll just finish what you're doing and then send it on through. Stress that you WILL need it back a good couple of days before the proposed date, at least; also warn her that there's a high probability that it'll be turned down. Her proposal needs to be imaginitive but not weird. Say you can tell she's a little weird in that department and to keep it to herself... for now.
    This completes the induction routine. I'll post again in a while discussing how to handle the system, the dynamics involved in interacting with your sisters and how to ensure they do what you say in various areas, as well as just following the rules. The key; restraint.

    Any questions, ask away.

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    "You're adorable. I'm gonna have to adopt you as my little sister; we can climb trees and drink kool-aid and "

    it was cajun on keys to the vip
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      I never read Keys.

      But, on Halloween, I dressed up as Dracula. I was getting photos all over the place. On my way home, a two set opened me. They wanted a picture with me, so the cute one ttok a picture on her phone and I asked her to send it to me.

      She was cute so I sent her a thank you text. She texted back, "Cool way to get my number, but I am only 18."

      As Chris Rock would say, "If she says she's 18, she's 16." So, I immediately texted back, "I didn't want your number, just the picture."

      She started texting me each morning with a wake and a picture...nothing pornographic, just pictures of her breakfast, her hair in curlers, etc.


      "What are you, my father?"

      "I COULD BE, but no. From now on you get to be my little sister." "Like a big brother, I'll lokk out for you. I get to meet the guys you are dating to make sure they aren't screw ups."

      Since then, she has kept in touch on a regular basis and always calls me "big bro". She reminds me a lot of who I imagine Peach is.

      And, who knows, once I know she is legitimately over age, I'll introduce her to one of the younger guys of Project DC.