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  • Skylark's Condiment Kiss Close & Three Phase Magic Massage

    [B]Skylark's Condiment Kiss Close & Three Phase Magic Massage[/B]

    What I'm about to explain to you guys is a massage technique I developed before I was even aware of the Game's existence. It is a powerful seductive force that rarely fails, if you do it right. It can be executed before the kiss close (and it will probably lead to the kiss close) or after, in which case it will lead quite nicely into S2, or even S3 if the mood's right.

    I studied Shaolin Kung Fu for two years and there is an art associated with it called 'Katsu'; the use of pressure points on the body to heal wounds or dull pain. The massage begins as an innocent Katsu massage, but then transforms into a profoundly sensual experience.

    The first thing you should do to pull this off is put a little research into exactly what Katsu is. If you misuse it, it can lead to trouble; the body and mind respond sensitively to the manipulation of pressure points and not always in a positive way.

    There are two ways I usually initiate the massage.

    In one case, I will seed the conversation earlier with the idea; when attraction is built and rapport is present, I will discuss energy and psychology (as I often do during attraction) and at some point, I will mention the massage. I'll be enthusiastic about it and say I just HAVE to show her it, it's very therapeutic and that I've made my own modifications to make it more enjoyable, too. Usually, the girl will either agree to it or say something like 'Oh, will you now?'. In the second case, just stack forward; ignore her comment and open a new thread. Act as if her 'resistence' isn't an issue and you don't even feel the need to acknowledge it. Then, when you're in a safe, private comfort building location, tell her it's time to show her the massage.

    The other method I sometimes use to transition into the massage is the Condiment Kiss Close.

    [B]The Condiment Kiss Close[/B]

    This routine can be executed in a bar, in your bedroom, in a coffee shop (the bedroom being the obvious choice for transitioning into the massage) or any other comfort building location. I usually run it after I've already done some psychological stuff; that way, there is pretext. I tell them I have to show them something and that they'll love it.

    This routine is based upon the Ross Jeffries pattern that Style tries out in 'The Game' but with a few important modifications.

    The dialogue should be as follows:

    Shut your eyes and give me your hands.
    Breath deeply; relax. Take note of your heartbeat. You can feel it beating against your chest.
    You're falling; the only thing that matters is my voice. The further you fall, the louder it is. On the count of three, you're going to hit water and be submerged by it and it's going to feel fantastic. One... two... three.

    I want you to imagine the happiest, most exciting feeling you can imagine. Think of a good memory; maybe you're thinking of when something good as happened, or when you're particularly attracted to someone, you have butterflies
    Where in your body is the feeling?
    Move it into your chest for me. Good.
    What colour is it?
    Good, that's good.
    Now, I want you to split it in half and move it into your shoulders, down your arms, into your hands.

    At this point, let go of her hands and trace your fingers down her shoulders.

    Good. Now squeeze my hands really tight and put all that energy into my hands. Let me know when you think you're done.
    Now, wherever I put my hand on your body, all the energy is going to rush to that point. My hand's gonna be like a paintbrush.
    So, we'll go here... and here... and here...

    At this point, you touch her in the following places, in this order: shoulder, shoulder, elbow, elbow, if she's sat down: knee, knee. If she's not: hip, hip. Then, always: forehead, end of nose, lips.

    Let your hand rest on her face for longer than the others.

    Now, at this point, if I was NOT going into the massage, I would use an item to condiment anchor; put all that excited energy into an item. This will not only make her feel happy when she holds the item, but the item will also remind her of me; in turn, also associating that happy, excited feeling with me.

    Then, I begin to bring them out of the trance. With their eyes still shut, I kiss them on the forehead. Then, this dialogue:

    Now, a hand is going to reach into the water and grab you by the scruff of the neck.

    Grab her by the scruff of the neck.

    It's going to pull you out of the water and keep pulling you up through the air. My voice is still loud and important, you can feel the air rushing past you as you ascend; the hand will keep pulling and pulling and pulling...

    Pull her in and kiss her, passionately.

    If you don't have the guts to do that, or if their head is tilted the wrong way, or something like that, when they come out of the trance, they usually smile sheepishly and look a little taken aback. A giggle is common. Look for an excuse to say it and if the mood is right;

    That's absolutely adorable. Come here.

    Kiss close.

    If not, a hug or another forehead kiss will suffice.

    Going into the massage, I would ask the girl to turn around and tell them that as my hands massage her shoulders, it's going to feel as if I'm massaging that ball of energy in her chest. My hands are still like a paintbrush; the energy will still rush to meet them, like a magnet.

    This usually works. At some point you will have to ask the girl to lie down, on her stomach. You can do front massages too, but usually that comes later.

    [B]The Three Phase Magic Massage[/B]

    Onto the actual massage, which is probably simpler than what leads up to it...

    Tell her there are three phases to the massage and that if she's lucky, she might get to the third one.

    Feel down the girl's spine; on either side, there will be a part where you can dig your fingers in. Don't be too aggressive with it, it hurts. Start at the base of the neck and rub your thumbs into these points, either side of the spine. Take your time descending; let her really feel each downwards movement. When you reach the base of the spine, you'll need to split off.
    For the first phase of the massage, do NOT touch her ass. Go AROUND it; the pressure points are there anyway. A pressure point is basically a break in the muscle; they're ALL OVER the body, thousands of them. Just be careful with them; VERY careful with them.

    When you get around her ass, go down the backs of her thighs, being a little firmer in the fleshier parts. When you reach the back of the knee, ease off; the point here is linked to the bladder and to be too rough with it can be very uncomfortable. Go right down to the ankles, then head back up the body.

    When you reach the backs of the knees on the way back up, change your trajectory. Instead of going up the backs of the thighs, let your fingers lean in and gradually make your way inside them. Ascend until you're almost actually touching her pussy, but never do. Not yet.
    It's plausable deniability; this is therapeutic, it's part of the massage. These are important pressure points that you have to hit, there are no two ways about it. Yeah, you can feel the heat from her and yeah, she's obviously getting pretty excited down there but it's no big deal. There's nothing you can do about it.

    Linger around the inner thighs again, then wander back up the torso, the same path as you followed on the way down. When you reach the top again, tell her it's time for phase two.

    Things are about to get a whole lot more sensual.

    Begin massaging her passionately; use pressure, be firm, but be sensitive too. Don't pinch her
    skin or make her uncomfortable by being too enthusiastic; a sensual touch is tender as well as strong. Tilt your hands over her shoulders and massage her collarbones. Enjoy touching her here, as your enthusiasm will filter through and she'll be far more likely to enjoy it with you. Descend her back once again; lift her top and press her bare skin. At some point, say 'This is in the way' and unclip her bra. They very rarely protest. You may wanna give that a go during the more therapeutic stage, when plausable deniability is still present. If the girl's not 'on' enough (which she really should be by this stasge) you may experience some LMR. You can massage her sides and arms, even the sides of her breasts.

    When you reach her hips again, maintain a firm touch. Go around into her hipbones at the bottom of her stomach. The points just inside of the hipbones are very sensitive; if the girl is relaxed and you press just right, it can stimulate some very pleasurable feelings. Experiment with it, but as always; be careful!

    This time, you can touch her ass a little, but just wander over it; don't dwell on it, yet. Keep descending her legs sensually and on the way back up, use the inner thigh points again, just more enthusiastically. Go all the way back up, following a similar path. At this point, the girl will probably be wondering what comes next.

    Tell her it's time for phase three. Lean forward and kiss her on the neck, or ear.
    If you've already kissed closed, this is no big deal, but if you haven't, make sure you're even more confident and don't falter. Pause for a moment after that first kiss, then go again, a little more sensual. Begin to descend her body with your mouth. Keep touching her with your hands at the same time. Use a little of your teeth and tongue on her back and shoulders. She'll appreciate this.

    Yes, you will kiss her through her jeans or whatever she's wearing when you reach her hips. Don't worry about it; you're just getting her used to your face being around that area. Scratch her a little; read her body language. Listen to the way she breathes, it will betray her.

    When you've gone all up and down the body again, turn her over. You can begin to kiss her here and you're away; she's probably pretty turned on by now, if you did it right. You can also hit her with a full body massage. This time round, skip phase one and go straight into passionate pressing with the palms and eventually, mouth. Touch and kiss her breasts, but don't make it seem like it's the only place you're interested in. Explore her fully, be appreciative of her trust and enjoy your freedom. Kiss her lips often and look her in the eye wherever possible. If you have to, tell her to hold your gaze. Eye contact is so important during anything sexual; if you're not comfortable enough with eachother to be making eye contact, it can lead to awkwardness both during and later. If you have to, pretty much force her to look you in the eye. Tell her that if she looks you in the eye, you'll do anything she wants and she can do anything she wants in return. Act upon this; when she holds your gaze, touch her sensually and as soon as she looks away, stop. She'll learn soon enough!

    There is also a way to link the energy from the Condiment Kiss Close into the Three Phase Magic Massage but you'll need to bend the rules a little. Keep talking about the energy, all the way through the massage; you can associate the energy with various sexual acts. When you slip a finger inside her, tell her you're reaching inside her to bond or fuse with her energy, tell her you're taking some for yourself. When you touch her lips, you can actually say to her 'You're going to have to suck the energy out of my finger'. This has worked in the past, but only with a girl I've had numerous intense sexual encounters with in the past; it's something that comes with comfort and rapport. It's usually not too much to instruct her to put the energy into her mouth and tell her you're going to take it from her, or to tell her she's going to have to take it from your mouth. I once said something about 'balancing' our energy to get the girl to go down on me; I had already been down on her once and I said that we were uneven and that it had to be fixed. It's quite sensual to touch her down below during the paintbrush phase; tell her all the energy is going to rush to your hand wherever you touch, then start massaging her clit (after gradually working down towards it; you gotta build the anticipation). This system can create a memorable and atmospheric sexual experience, for both of you.

    A final note: if you massage the point just below the collarbone at the same time as the point inside the hipbone I mentioned earlier, there is a way to stimulate a feeling similar in nature to an orgasm. The girl will have to be very turned on and you'll have to keep kissing her in different places at the same time, but it's definately pheasable. It's a great feeling when you manage to make a HB come without even slipping your hand down there.

    This is pretty much all you need to know.

    Thanks for reading, guys.
    If you have any questions, feel free to ask, I'll do my best to answer them in full.


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    Beautiful, very nice. There some definite hints of tantric technique in here as well, which obviously would overlap with many of the kung fu/taoist techniques.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Also, the Magic Massage part would be great in the Seduction section too, so if you want to repost it there you're welcome to.


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      Thanks, man. I'll do that.


      • #4
        Along with the touch and the visualization, do you incorporate any particular breathing techniques?


        • #5
          Well, I tell her to slow HER breathing right down and to take note of her heartbeat. I try to keep my own breathing as quiet as possible; you'll know why when you do it :P


          • #6
            *nod* Yeah, I understand.

            You should try an experiment: Have both of you do slow, deep circular breathing... and when one of you breathes in, the other breathes out, and vice versa. Have her visualize sending energy to you when she breathes out, and taking in your energy when she breathes in, and you do the same on your end. Tell her to focus on her heart while she does can use your hands or an embrace to facilitate this even more.

            The results can be very intense.


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              Yeah, totally man; I used to do that anyway, as part of meditation. Meditating with a girl is a pretty awesome thing to try as well.