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  • The best 100% foolproof kc ever!

    Hey I'm new to this forum but I really want to share this idea with you, because I think it's one of the best kiss close routines somebody, or in that case it really was me(!!!), invented/created/came up with.

    I tried to post a new thread but I think newbies can't open new threads right away so post it in here:

    I call this one "Tommy's kiss close routine" :P

    So you opened the set, got at least 2 IOIs, then you tell her something interesting, or after she told you something interesting or you recognized similarities you immediately do this:
    (In Germany this is called "Bruderschaft trinken" - "brotherhood drinking")
    You take your drink, tell the girl to take hers, and then you both have a sip of your refreshing beverage BUT with both of your right arms hooked into one another!

    When you had your sip, you release (or unhook) and then you [B]kiss[/B]! A quick sweet kiss on the lips!

    It's [U]German tradition[/U] and it's a very playful way to kiss somebody without telegraphing sexual interest or needyness. It's another step in your kino escalation AND very effective comfort building material because, if she does not want to kiss you in this playfull manner, how in the hell will you bring here to french kiss you?! I've done this with alot of girls, also hot ones!

    One time I even asked a girl to kiss me one more time because I told her her lips are very soft and tender! She didn't want to so I said "let's drink bruderschaft one more time then" and she agreed!! xD
    (-> is this the women's rationalization at work?!)

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    If you guys wonder about that weirdo picture: the right one is the German host for the game show Millionaire and the left one is a comedian


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      This seems like a pretty good idea. I'm going to use it next weekend for sure, if not tonight. Nice method.


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        That is actually pretty good. What im probably gonna do to tweak it a little is talk about what it means in Germany. Im from the US so ill probably add that a friend told me about this when he was visiting the states from Germany and say how its supposed to be a playful fun drinking tradition or something and then do the brotherhood driking routine. Just for clarification though, do you swallow your drink and then kiss or do you keep it in your mouth and just peck her lips? Could be funny taking a shot of vodka or something when both of you are making the face after you take a shot, lol.


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          Drink it I'd assume...

          Sounds fun!


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            Drink first, then kiss! Or make-out!

            There's another funny routine, but this one is way far into the comfort phase..

            It's simply swapping shots: Pour liqueur in your mouth, then spill it from your mouth into hers... But it's maybe better to let her do it!?


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              I like these Alcohol kiss closes. I have only just seen this one after posting The Sambuca Kiss Close.

              Nice work, I will field test this for sure.


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                Yeah maybe you can get drunk with her taking shots and every time you kiss more
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