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  • Routine - When you don't have a car.

    I'm 27 and i never had a car. I don't even have my driver's licence.

    I developped that routine (hell i'm new to the Game and i already develop routines, woohoo) because there was this girl i talked to on MSN. Here's the convo, as i recall:

    HB: I'm alone at my friends house, i'm taking care of her dog and i'm lonely. I want to cuddle.
    Ery: You wanna cuddle with me?
    HB: Well it depends... how long you can be here?
    Ery: May take a little while, depending how long the taxi is.
    HB: Oh... you don't have a car?
    Ery: Nope... Never had the need to.
    HB: ok.. :S
    Ery: a bit loser isnt it?
    HB: Yeah a little.

    When that happened, i vowed to find something to say to girls when they ask you if you have a car, in a way that doesnt sound like you're saying "i'm sorry."

    I'm a welder... So i get lots of free time thinking about pickup, routines, witty replies to "what if the girl said..." etc. This is what i've came up with.

    HB: So do you have a car? / What car do you drive?
    PUA: Well... Ok. I have secret to tell you. Come. Come closer.

    *you make the motion with your hand, gesturing her to come closer to you, AS SOON as she barely pecks in, you lean back, put your hand in front of you when you want to stop something and you say "Ok! not that close!" even if she barely moved*

    PUA: I have to admit to you, i'm a bikesexual. I love to ride the bike. It's who i am, i was born like that. Oh, i tried to do like everyone when i was young and get my driver's licence and buy a car... But i never felt the attraction to it, i knew deep down that i would cheat myself and that i knew i was a bikesexual.

    The key to deliver that is to say it like you come out of the closet and make your coming-out. The thing is that you set the frame that it's "who you are, it's your choice to not have a car" you're not a carless loser, you're a bikesexual! Even if you HAD a car, you'd ride the bike!

    It works very well for me at least, because i love long expeditions by bike and did some already, so i can que up with telling a story on how i did a 7-day trip with my dad 5 years ago (loved ones attraction switch).

    Maybe another reason why it works so well is because it's my identity and i grounded it with various details and exemples... So it might not work for everyone. But here it is, the Bikesexual Routine!

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    Why not just get your license and avoid the whole bikesexual thing?


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      Originally posted by mdr411 View Post
      Why not just get your license and avoid the whole bikesexual thing?
      I don't know about his city, but here, plenty of people don't bother getting a car because it's not necessarily worth the hassle. One of my old roommates is 21 and never had his license. A routine like that might fly here, easily.


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        I myself don't drive, living in london i've really never had the need to as public transport not only goes everywhere but goes there quickly (at least the areas i typically need to get to).

        The BikeSexual line is funny no doubt about it, but in todays society even those who aren't gold diggers are going to take it as a DLV. One day you'll need to drive, be it for work or family you'll eventually need to be able to drive.

        With that said there's going to be time until you can drive even if you start preparing now. Next time the car question comes along flip it in your favor, give a DHV story of how your cars in the shop - perhaps damaged it avoiding a kid running across the road and having to swerve but ending up going into a parked car... Nothing too serious and demonstrate controlled driving in a do or die scenario.

        I'm not a fan of DHV stories without any truth but if your going to keep coming up against this "Don't you drive?" question then do as Mystery loves to say.

        [b]Fake it till you make it[/b]


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          Maybe I am out of line in saying this or just wrong but...

          It seems like a MAJOR DLV ...

          And NEVER ... EVER EVER EVER should you say something like "A bit of a loser huh?" ... you basically just committed suicide w/ that relationship.

          And in the story you gave, YOU INTRODUCED the fact you had no car. She didn't ask.

          Routines and material are meant to give DHV ... your routine basically just lowers your value while trying to make a joke at what you don't have.

          Now I'm a solutions oriented guy so I'd never just leave you hanging with a negative comment.

          Since you've got a lot of time on your hands this should be easier for you to achieve.

          You seem to almost be embarrassed by the fact you don't drive or have a DL. Either way , you need to do 1 of 2 things.

          1.) Don't bring it up because it has no value (no matter how funny or witty your reasoning is)

          [B]Instead this is what I'd do IF the question of "my car/why I dont drive" came about

          1.) You were in a horrible car crash and barley survived and since have decided lifes to precious to to put in the hands of drunk drivers

          a - This will evoke many emotions from the girl. Sympathy, Understanding, Compasion .... She'll prolly ask about it and that gives you a a story you can work and keep them entertained if done correctly.


          Hopefully you'll be able to lose the DLV and gain the DHV and remember. If you don't believe you are the best no one else will!
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