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  • Starry Night Kiss Close Routine (ORIGINAL!!!)


    Vyzhyn here to offer a kiss-close routine i thought of in the shower. My best ideas happen when i'm bathing. Anyway, this is a great routine to use when u're on a date, and u wanna kiss close. I suggest bringing her to a secluded spot but with enough light so that the only star visible in the sky is the North Star. Great for gaming in bright places like New York or Vegas. I'm in Singapore, so it's bright enough. If not, just tweak it to fit.

    Here it is:
    Hey. Look at the stars. This is the best place to see the stars.

    (There arenít many in the sky, so she wonders what youíre talking about.)

    Well, you see how thereís always that one star that you can see? But because that star is so bright, it outshines the others, and we can never see them. There are billions of them. But we only see that one. The rest are hidden by clouds, or masked from sight one way or another. Isnít that cool?

    (She responds)

    Itís kinda like relationships. I mean, there are 6.45 billion people on the face of the planet. There is no way that there is only one person, one star, for each of us. We all have options. Stars we donít see. But there is always that one star we see that shines the brightest out of all the rest. That is our one-hundred-percent-perfect love. Most of us never meet this one person, so we settle for second best, or whoever comes close. But some of us do. (Imply that itís the two of you. Make eye contact.) And when we do, our hearts race faster. We get nervous. Anticipation builds. And then we just connect.

    (Move in for kiss close.)

    I got the inspiration from Lovedrop in the Revelation DVDs when he talked about Mystery being in his own headspace sometime in Disc 2.

    So try it out, and see if it works.


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    Wow... it's an awesome routine, but unless you ARE intending on exclusive LTRing the girl, it seems a little immmoral.