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  • astrology routine

    hehe... i feel like a giver today so im gonna share one of my 100% personal routines

    ok... first of all u have to be at least a little bit into audiobooks... if u hate them this wont be of any interest to u

    get some astrology audiobooks, IM NOT talking about startrek!!!!!! im talking about scientific ones, but they have to be easy to understand, maybe get a potcast (not to long.. like 15 minutes pieces!)... load on ur ipod

    next thing is a duble earphone plug for ur ipod (5 $!!)

    she has to have earphones as well, i sometimes just tell them to bring some.

    create a nice feel in the room... darken the light, bla bla bla.... u know what i mean, important here is that she looses grip to her reality around her.

    ive just used it a couple of times jet, i think maybe only 30% of girls like this routine. (if ur identity doesnt stand like a rock jet figure out before suggesting.. or ull seam like some geek listening to physic audiobooks!!)

    [B]BUT [/B]the feeling u can create is amazing. hearing, while its dark in the room about planets, which are billions of miles away... whhoooooo.... unique kind of bonding, in this dimensions u two almost feel like one....

    (@all germans: Harald Lesch stuff is great and a lot is free)