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  • sigma's colour routine

    [COLOR="Green"]this will hit them harder than 'the shocker'
    ask a girl her favorite colour, and when she replies, laugh and say "you WOULD like that colour, u can tell a LOT about somebody by what colour they like"
    They will obviously hound you as to what their colour means, don't give it right away, let the hook set.
    Each colour means something different, and the meanings should be given with examples. Red for example is spontaneous, fiery, adventure seeking. You would say "you are spontaneous for example, you love making last minute plans, you love the thrill. also you are adventure seeking, you love roller coasters, and I bet you have a few speeding tickets... don't you. women that love red are also very passionate, for example I bet you have a secret sexy side that most people don't even know about !"
    the bit is gold and will work on nearly every girl
    field-tested-and true

    Positive Negative
    ++ Elegance, humility, respect, reverence, wisdom stability, timelessness
    -- dullness, decrepite, out-dated
    ++ Reverence, Purity, snow, peace, innocence, cleanliness, simplicity, security, humility
    -- Coldness, sterility, surrender, cowardice, fearfulness, un-imaginitive
    ++ Modern, powerful, sophistication, formality, elegance, wealth, mystery, style
    -- Evil, death, fear, anger, saddness, remorse, mourning, unhappiness
    ++ Passion, strength, energy, fire, love, sex, excitement, speed, leadership, power
    -- Anger, aggression, violence, Danger, stop
    ++ Peace, unity, harmony, tranquility, calmness, loyal, dependable, confident, dependable
    -- idealist, obscene, tackiness, depression
    ++ Fertility, youth, wealth, good luck, vigor, generosity, intelligence
    -- Inexperienced, envious, misfortunate, jealousy, greedy
    ++ Joy, Happiness, Optimistic, hopeful
    -- Cowardice, hazardous, weak, dishonest
    ++ Sensual, Spiritual, Creativity, Nobility, mystery, enlightment
    -- arogance, flamboyance, confusion, exxageration
    ++ Energy, balance, enthusiasm, playfulness
    -- overemotional, gaudy, warning, overly-aggressive
    ++ Calm, deep, rich, rustic, traditional
    -- boring, dull, poor, rough, overly deep[/COLOR]

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    What about [COLOR=magenta]pink[/COLOR]?


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      This can be used during the CUBE routine. I have always used it but have never payed attention on the negative part. If u have a good calibration u can neg a girl in a really cool way


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        That's awesome. I'm definitely going to try this out. I've used this sort of thing in the Cube Routine, but it was all sort of off the top of my head. This is a quality list, that's for sure.

        Here's what I gathered from girls I know who like pink:

        ++ Fun, perky, silly, youthfullness, softness
        -- childish, fluttery, weakness


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          Wow Sigma, love it, just tried it on the girl sitting on my bed petting my dog. Don't worry... she has bad eye sight because she took off her glasses so she can't read the site i'm looking at.

          But it totally worked, she said, "You got all that from gree eh?" DHV baby, DHV! In fact, I actually got a little sex indicator from her... not my dog.


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            Thank you fro all the kudo's

            I am not new to this, I have been in the community a while, activley may I add

            I have actually assisted in MM bootcamps before... and EARLY on in my career even took one




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              hey, sigma, Today at work, i was also using your color meanings, and i ran into pink, and i drew a blank. But then i scrolled down and found pink from cosmoking. Anyway... i'm on my lunch from work, and i'm telling you, this routine is fucking gold... i even used it on some of the guys at work and they were impressed. But i'm going back to work and i'm going to have to explain what pink really means to this hb8, so that's for the amo.

              YOu should do a poll to see if they will let you into the lounge, i'll show my support.



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                I'll try this in the next couple of days a few times.


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                  I'll try this one tonight on the field


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                    I'll try this. Thanks Sigma.

                    I've already kinda done something similar unintentionally before but now that I know about it in this way, I'll use it [I]intentionally[/I] from time to time on some girls and see how it works.

                    Just wondering about how those positves and negatives made it to the list however. Are they due to your personal opinion and experience with those colours or is it some scientifically proven facts you got from somewhere in which case, a link would be nice.

                    Because I agree with 95% of it but not everything and would put a few of those traits/characteristics under 'different' colours.


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                      I've got a slightly (though very similar) color routine. Here's the pink read:

                      Pink: This color embodies the gentler qualities of Red, symbolizing love and affection without passion. Women who prefer Pink tend to be maternal. Pink desires protection, special treatment, and a sheltered life. Pink people require affection and like to feel loved and secure, perhaps wanting to appear delicate and fragile. Pink people tend to be charming and gentle, if a trifle indefinite.