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  • Which Hand? DHV Gambit

    Which hand is it in? A classic game of chance and choice. However, there is a way that you can almost always guess correctly. It is very very simple and easy. All you have to do is look for one subtle gesture and you will win. You can do this during A2.

    Start off by saying, "let's play a game", or something like that...

    Then, take a small object, a coin works well. Place it in one of their hands.

    Tell them to put the object in one of their hands and close both hands into fists. All the while your eyes are closed, or you are turned away; you could also have them do this behind their back.

    Then, tell them to place both arms fully outstretched in front of them.

    Now, here is the secret to knowing which hand the object is in... All you have to do is... Look for where their nose is pointing... that's it! If their nose points to their right hand that's where the object is, and the same for the left hand.

    If you want to make it a bit easier on yourself you could ask them a question that they will have to answer yes to.
    You could also multithread this; after you discern which hand it's in you could tell them to put their hands down, and start a new thread. Then, bring it back later.

    If you want, after they beg you for the answer on how you knew which hand it was in, you could teach them. This adds a bit to the DHV, if you want to do this.

    Well, that's it. It's really fun to do, and it always amazes people.