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  • Science of Sex Appeal Routine

    I thought of this routine while watching a TV show on Discovery Channel titled "The Science of Sex Appeal". I have used this in field several times, and the girls have responded well. I think that the conversation sets up well for adding DHVs, negs, and kino throughout. Feel free to try this out and let me know what you think!

    So, I saw this TV show the other day that was pretty interesting. It was called "The Science of Sex Appeal", or something like that. They talked about why certain traits are attractive in men and women, and how our subconscious helps us determine who is attractive and who is not attractive. One of the main things that determines someone's attractiveness is their facial symmetry. When we are developing as a fetus, the two sides of our bodies develop independently, and this can result in subtle differences in our left and right sides of our bodies and faces. This scientist on the show showed a picture of this girl, who was average looking, and she had some software that could identify the asymmetries in her face. Then, she made two modified pictures of this girl. One picture had exaggerated asymmetries, and one had corrected asymmetries. Then, they took the original picture of the girl, along with the two modified pictures, and had men vote on which picture was the most attractive. 80% of men chose the picture that had the corrected asymmetries. They also did the same experiment with a picture of a man, and 80% of the women chose the corrected picture over the other two. Do you know why we find more symmetrical faces attractive? Facial symmetry indicates good health, and indicates how healthy and attractive someone's offspring will be, which is why we seek someone with a symmetrical face.

    They also talked about which traits make men attractive, and which traits make women attractive. More attractive men have more masculine features, like broader shoulders, more square jaw line, and a more prominent brow. More attractive women have a certain waist to hip ratio, narrow jaw line, larger breasts, less prominent brow, and more prominent eyes. Actually, women with an ideal waist to hip ratio can conceive easier, and they have less chronic conditions than women with a less ideal ratio. Do you know why certain features are attractive, though? Men with more testosterone generally have more masculine features, and women with more estrogen generally have more feminine features. When we are developing as a fetus and when we go through puberty, we have different hormone levels that determine whether we have more masculine features or more feminine features.

    The weirdest thing that they talked about on this show was about how women change during ovulation. Women are more attractive when they are ovulating. They showed a picture of this woman throughout the month, and her skin was most clear and she had a certain glow when she was ovulating. It's your body's way of helping you attract a mate when you are most fertile. Also, women's voices are slightly higher in pitch during ovulation. They recorded women's voices throughout the month, and men found the voice during ovulation to be the most attractive voice. Women also have a better scent during ovulation, although men can only smell them subconsciously. Did you know that your sense of smell is 3 times more sensitive than your sense of sight?

    The last thing that I remember was that women have more nerve endings than men. Do you know which parts of the body are most sensitive? The fingers are the second most sensitive body part (make sure that you touch her fingertips at this point). However, the most sensitive body part is the tongue. Use the triangular gaze at this point, and tell her that 75% of people turn their heads to the right when kissing. Then, ask her to tilt her head (tilt yours to the right at this point). If she complies, then kiss her!