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  • Finger Lock Gambit

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    Here's a fun little gambit I found a while ago that I've been using at Christmas parties. It spikes buying temperature like crazy, generates some buzz from the whole set (good for building value for other sets nearby), requires very little investment, and even lets you get some early kino in.

    Introduce it by saying "My little cousin (or niece) just showed me this when I went to see her for Christmas." Then just tell her to put her hands together and start the gambit. You can even do this as subtext of a DHV routine that might be somehow related to what you're doing. Follow the instructions at the link below (it has pictures!). I'd write the whole thing out myself, but I'm drinking spiked egg nog and there's a beautiful woman telling me to hurry the fuck up and post this already. Enjoy!


    Merry Christmas sarging!

    Last edited by Prophet; 12-25-2010, 07:16 AM.

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    lol this is gold, ima use it tonight! Ty Prophet! Merry X-mas!


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      I just tried this with my friend - told her if she could do it I would pay for lunch. I almost had free lunch, till I remembered she's broke lol. Still worked good.


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        Worked like a charm. Props to you prophet.
        I actually thought of how it works. As an explanation if someone asks. Or as a way to add value.

        The tendons and ligaments in our finger are mostly independent of one another except for the middle and ring fingers. That's why it's so damn hard to let go of the coin. The ring finger is dependent on the middle finger. The closer your middle fingers are the closer your ring fingers will be. And the more you separate the middle fingers the more you can move your ring fingers, bingo.

        Let me know what you think.