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  • Smoking Section Opener (Introduction in the smoking section in club)

    I have used this introduction and it has never failed me. This is an approach for girl who is smoking with her friends.

    First I walk up to her tap her on the shoulder and say,
    "Excuse me sweetheart, but I believe your cigarette is on Fire."
    This, I use to break the ice with my sense of humor and she'll either will respond "No shit" or some other quirky comment or she will not realize what I said at first but then realize that I have a good sense of humor and start to engage in conversation. In doing this, I made her more at ease to talk to me.

    Then I'll just say something obnoxious like, "I don't smoke, it's so bad for you I quit like a month ago," while I'm pulling a cigarette out and putting it in between my lips attempting to light it. I usually bring a broken lighter and I'll ask the girl to borrow her cigarette to light mine and then i'll hold onto both cigarettes and she'll prob ask for it back then I'll add a compliment like, "Your too beautiful to be smoking, so I'm going to help you quit" and i'll attempt to throw it away jokingly and then turn and say just kidding and then the girl will usually at this point display some IOIs (Indications of Interest).

    So that is my story, hopefully some of you guys can benefit from it.

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    Yeah i see where you are coming from on this but have you thought in situations where she will be with her friends maybe? I know you'll spend at least 5 mins to go through your opener, why simply you just go up to her straight and 'god, so much work for findin a lighter, do you mind if i borrow yours?' then put it in your pocket and that will make her ask for it at some point. Use your game then to escalate this, for example, take it out and oh god im sorry totally forgot about with a laugh and a kino touch around the waist. Now that can be done in 5 minutes


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      yea you can use what you are saying as well, but the opener that I explain is a long opener and it takes time, while you build comfort and also after pretending to throw her cigarette away, I'll usually grab her around the waist and say "fine I'll give you your cigarette back I guess" while smiling... creating a long opener taking ur time creates more time being spent creating a greater attraction between the both of you.


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        why not just borrow a light and transition to your opener "by the way..need an opinion on something.." and go through your stack as per normal from there


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          Why not smoke a pipe?

          Or a bubble pipe?

          Or! A pipe that looks real and then reveals itself to be a bubble pipe.


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            great ones, as a smoker they will come really handy