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  • Kissing Opinion Openers (w/ chick crack and pre-selection)

    Here are two openers I like to use. I'm a fan of opinion openers every now and then, but I can't stand using the same canned material over and over again, so I at least try and come up with some variations. Here's my two newest ones (both are true; lends to a better a delivery for me).

    [B]Kissing In Public Opinion Opener[/B]

    [I]Do you guys think it’s wrong to kiss in public?

    I only have a minute, but get this: I was reading an article about a couple that was on a honeymoon in Dubai. You know where Dubai is, right?

    (If they don't know, say "Geez, who am I hanging out with? Maybe I shouldn't have asked for your opinion...")

    (If one of them does know, neg her by saying "congratulations, you are smarter than a 5th grader" in a sort of condescending tone)

    It’s one of the most beautiful resort cities in the world, located in the United Arab Emirates. Now, even though the city is a huge tourist attraction, it’s also run by an ultra-conservative muslim government. Here’s the craziest part: the couple on their honeymoon...they were caught…kissing in public…and now they’re forced to either pay a HUGE fine or spend a month in prison![/I]

    [B]Facebook Profile Pic Kiss Opinion Opener[/B]
    Do you guys think it’s wrong for a couple to be kissing in a facebook profile picture?

    I only have a minute, but you will not believe this! Okay, the reason I ask is that I have an old profile picture from a while ago of my then girlfriend and me kissing. Now, we both thought it was really sweet; for our six months, I even bought her a silver locket with that picture in it, so it was special to us. Get this: I receive a notice on my profile today that this picture, which I uploaded forever ago, is being “reported for pornography.” Turns out, it’s this girl I know. She keeps on insisting that it’s “gross,” but I don’t see what the big deal is. I kiss girls, I’m not going to apologize for that. What do you guys think?[/I]

    __________________________________________________ ____________

    First one demonstrates your knowledge, and the second one is typical chick crack (facebook/relationship-related) and demonstrates pre-selection.

    Enjoy! Now get off the computer and go talk to some girls
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