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  • The Hard Life Neg Routine

    Girl walks into your set/by with complaintstorm

    oh my gosh I got so much homework I hate French... And bla bla

    You: (cut her off, speak louder and moany, like a kid who wants something) well... I was watchinf tv today.. And I wanted to switch channel... But the remote was all the way over there! (point somewhere, pretens a sob, then get a huge smile).

    Her ???????

    You: come here lets support eachother (hug)... Ok that"s enough now get off me.

    Later in the conversation: you know what, you"re so cool, next time I need to stand up for the remote I"ll call for you to come by and switch it for me... (pretend you get an epihany) can you cook!?


    That sucks/is awesome you can/could have make/made dinner for me and [insert celeb babe her]

    Her: what beyonce?

    Me: oh yea I"ll be married to a celeb soon... (loud) keep up woman!

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    I like this. Theres a lot going on in this scenario.

    1.) Active disinterest by cutting her thread.
    2.) Compliance test & kino with the hug.
    3.) Future projections of hanging out; building connection.
    4.) Qualification
    5.) A calibrated IOD at the end.

    Good stuff. It's like an equation of sorts where certian variables can be swapped out and replaced.