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  • Cheating Girlfriend Opener (Effective)

    I came up with this variation of the Jealous GF Opener, and have field tested it a handful of times and with greater results.

    So it goes like this:

    I approach the set of HBs, throw the FTC, then proceed with the opener.

    ME: I was just talking to my friend on the phone and he was asking me for advice. But i think what he truly needs is a woman's advice. Thats why im asking you guys.
    HBs: Ok blah blah blah sure.

    ME: So my friend has this girlfriend who used to get really mad and irritated whenever he does certain things like:
    Not flushing the toilet, Calling his bestfriend who is also his ex, and whenever he tries to go out with friends, u know boy's night outs.

    But lately for some reason, his gf doesnt seem to get mad or irritated anymore whenever he does these things, and its driving him nuts!
    Now he's mind boggled why all the sudden change and thinking whether his gf has learned to adapt to him like that "if u cant beat em, join em" mentality
    Do you think that his gf is, you know.. cheating on him?

    Then i throw the NEGS and stack to my next routine which is usually the

    The great thing about this opener is it that it conveys mystery and intrigue to the target depending on how you deliver it, and almost all the time, during the comfort and seduction stages, they were always intrigued and wants to know as to whether it was me i was talking about in my opener, which is a huge confirmation IOI. Then i go for the kill.

    Opened with this line again last night at a bar, and was making out with this HB9 in under 4 hours. Not bad for a new student in the game!

    Feel free to comment. Thanks.

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    Hey man could you send a copy of the STRAWBERRY FIELDS & THE LIE DETECTOR test routines I would love to practice them. Btw how long have you been gaming? you sound like a pro.