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  • Waitress Opener!

    I was recently eating dinner with a friend who is a really good PUA (just does it naturally).

    The waitress came to our table to get our order:

    PUA: I got a few questions (as if about the menu)
    First, why is the sky blue?
    What is the meaning of life? (Waitress smiled and said 42)
    And why is grass green?

    It is just an easy opener for a waitress, but can anyone think of other applications.

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    Nice dude! I like the the set-up - acting as if you are going to ask about the menu. That old George Carlin routine would be great for this:

    PUA: Why is there no blue food? No I mean in general... how come there is no naturally blue food?

    You'll definitely get someone trying to be smart and mention blueberries, so respond like they're a little dense:

    PUA: Yeah that's the first thing I thought of. But they're purple when they're ripe. Blueberries are a lie....

    PS. I hope you got the number of the girl who answered 42.


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      I like that, it is very benign and not conveying too much interest (Now I actually want to know why food is not blue).


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        I like that, it sets a good tone for a conversation. I was recently out with a friend who started in with the cute waitress at a place known for their wide selection of beers:

        "What kind of non-alcoholic beer do you have?"

        She then lists off their selection which was about a dozen beers, he presses for more, stretching this out for awhile. Then he finally says:

        "I'll just have Scotch on the rocks"