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  • Time Machine Opener (Tested and works, with trouble shooting)

    Thought I'd give back to the community that has given me so much.

    I am retiring this opener from my material because inadvertently it has become an inside joke to my friends. They don’t know why I bring it up in conversation on occasion, but they know I’ve brought it up to strangers plenty of times. Lol!

    In addition to an opener this can be used at anytime during the pick-up as a conversational piece.

    [B]Origins[/B] Giving credit where credit is due.

    I was at a bar one night enjoying a drink with a few friends when an older gentleman (40+ yrs old, non-pua), who knew my roommate from work, walked right up and opened our set asking us what we’d do with a time machine.

    A light bulb went off in my head, I shortened it and opened two sets that night.

    Hats off to you my friend for supplying me with my bread and butter.
    Not sure if there is anything like this out there. If there isn’t im taking full credit for it. :] This is GOLD!

    [B]The Opener[/B]
    Hey, check this out! My friends and I were just talking about this crazy idea.
    If you had a time machine…..and could go back in time.. you can’t go forward, only backwards, what time period would you go to, and who would you meet? Oh, and you only have a week.

    [B]Trouble shooting[/B]
    As with any opener it’s all about having a good grounding and great delivery.

    Playful attitude works best with this opener.

    Very important that you try not to push for an answer! Remember this is an


    If you have reached the social hook point and they can’t respond stack forward immediately.

    This question can become very involved and cause great conversation. On the bad side it also can cause some awkward pauses due to thinking. Be prepared to launch in to another routine.

    The great thing about the TIME MACHINCE OPENER is that it’s so neutral that it can go into any other routine.

    The most common answer are:

    The Beatles.

    So prepare for that. (Seriously after sometime, I had to include “oh, and you can’t say the beatles” when I did the opener.)

    If your target says that you can launch a neg “Oh my friends and I were talking to people about this right before you guys, and that’s such a common answer. Come on you can do better!” or any variation of the sort.

    Woodstock is pretty common.

    You can make a hippy comment. Or simply stack forward.
    “I’m not sure. Never thought about it really.”

    You can supply the time and person(s) you would meet and stack forward.

    i.e. “I would love to meet MLKjr, because he was a man of ambition and I like meeting and surrounding myself with people who are ambitious and are working hard to fulfill their goals.”

    “Do they have to be famous? I would go back a few years and meet my Mom,dad, etc..”

    This can be a tad awkward, but if you take Lovedrop’s advice and just vibe its cool. They get a little sentimental. “hey, that’s awesome! [stack forward]”
    These are pretty common answers. There are more..but go out in field have fun explore.

    Negative responses:

    There were only a couple responses that I threw me off or put a smirk on my face by their cleverness.

    These times I chalked it up to poor delivery and execution. (sometimes you get
    so use to a routine working so often you kind of throw it out there without effort and delivery suffers.)

    “I would go back to about thirty seconds ago and not talk to you.”
    I body rock/roll off after I throw the opener, so when she responded it was like I had no interest at all in her answer and it went right threw me and I stacked forward. (I was like, damn that’s a good one.) out of about 80 tries with this routine this was the only time I had a response this harsh.

    “umm, let us get back to you on that.”

    This was a seated set. It was an awkward. I acted innocently . I sucked it up. Not the material.

    This is pretty much it. I promise you guys this is one of the best openers out there. Use it and let me know what you think.


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    Sounds like a nice opener.
    If a girl says something like:
    “I would go back to about thirty seconds ago and not talk to you.”
    You could say: "Is that the best you can think of? I hope you have something better when I'm back after 30 seconds."


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      This sounds like it'll work for me too since its congruent for me. I'm going to try it. Thank you.


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        Going to try this tonight.

        I was thinking about the 30 seconds ago comment. I guess one could respond with "Whoa then 30 seconds after you went back in time and I approached you would be twins. Do love yourself that much you need a clone?"


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          Great opener. As to the thirty second response, how about this (What a surprise… what we all thought you would say is that you would go back to a time to when you hurt some ones feelings and fix it. I guess we were wrong about ya.)



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            My experience with time machine.

            Singles Cruise in New York City. Used time machine on 6 or 7 converstation starters. I had openers for because it was a singles thing and they had given us cards to see if matched as an ice breaker.

            Gorgeous blonde sitting alone texting (blonde 1). I sat down next to her with my shoulder to her. Told her she didn’t have to text me I was sitting right here. Didn’t give her an option to say anything but smile as I introduced myself. I asked her if she got a card tonight but she said no. I told her I didn’t have one either. Then I asked her if she could help me and my friends with an issue and without pause launched into the time machine.

            I asked her if she had a time machine and could travel back in time who would she meet and why? She still has an ear to ear smile. Anyway, Before she answered as she was about to answer I asked if it was the Beatles. She said it was going to be John Lennon. Then said she changed her mind to Frank Sinatra. I said it was that is cool and we talked a little about Frank and the Rat pack.

            Then a friend arrived, another attractive blonde. (Blonde 2, I got confused on who I wanted to target.) Introductions were made and I told her about the time machine. She was not buying but said she wanted to meet Lady Gaga right now. Alright I said, with the meat dress and all. I asked her to guess what her friend guessed. She was stumpted but could not figure it out. She said Frank Sinatra and I said I was glad I could teach them something about each other. To which blonde 1 said to blonde 2, that she didn’t really care about the question. This was confusing. They asked who I would pick and I said Ben Franklin because he was horniest man in history. Talked about some funny facts about the man and his life in Philadelphia.

            I asked how they knew each other. They said they grew up in texas and found out they moved her for jobs. I correctly guessed fashion and teased them if they were models. Which I think they took offense by but whatever. At this point I was wondering if I could get an IOI from either and leaned deep back into my chair and gave silence. Wondering if I would get a question or something about me as an IOI. Nada. Crap I thought. Blonde number 1 still smiling and blonde 2 kinda looking confused. I thought I should eject while energy was high and maybe come back later. So I gave the nice meeting you and ejected.

            Used the opener a few more times. Strangest one was Jesus. Horney Ben Franklin worked so so, I need a better response for something interesting to talk about to integrate DHV.

            All in all good solid opener. For some the time machine throws them because they have no imagination. It could be modified to just who from history they would like to meet. Thank you again for posting.
            Last edited by CombatMedic; 12-18-2011, 07:22 PM.


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              Heck yeah Combat, I'm glad to see you enjoyed using the opener.

              It's simple to remember and can be short and sweet.
              I actually lol'd when you busted her on the beatles answer!
              I think i ran into the Jesus one once or twice. lol
              You're absolutely right and nailed it on the head when you said it dosen't work too well with people who lack imaginations.

              I noticed on "party girls" the silience/idk i mentioned in the troubleshooting response is more common.

              But I got a kick that someone went out and tried it and got some success from it. That made my day.

              Happy Sarging,