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  • Hug from a Stranger Opener - Opinions please!

    Detrix - "Hey how have you been? OH, haha. I thought you were someone else. So I was at the Mall, well I gotta run... No, you have to hear this. So I was at the mall and I saw this girl I grew up with with her back to me. I walked up quickly to her excited and wrapped my arms around her and picked her up. Well after she screamed I set her down and when she turned around... I was... hell, I was scared. It wasn't who I thought it was. I've never been so embarresed in my life. I didn't even have a chance to apologize to this women she was yelling at me so loud, and was talking so fast I couldn't get a word in.

    Target (usual response) - Your kidding me!!! well,

    Detrix (before they can say anymore) - At least you didn't get a hug from a stranger. Isn't it funny how someone's most embarrising stories are the funnest?

    then I go into my next funny skit that relates in someway shape or form. I've done this spicific scenario about 15 times now and it's the same results everytime... I can't seem to put in negs... I seem to just have a mind block when the time comes. The comfort stage seems like it's almost forced on me before I even have a chance to start kino.

    Any constructive responses?

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    Hey, It's really nice. You used FTC and DHV, but may be you should avoid that part of having felt "embarrased". It's ok to show you're a human as well, but later on. There's no reason to feel embarrased or scared by such a thing like that, you want to show her you're far much confident.

    If you can't connect negs with that opener, don't freak out. Just start multiple threading till you get comfortable enough and then shoot your negs if needed.

    Good Luck!


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      Appreciate your reply. There was a reason I was adding my own side of emotions. I was trying to expand the dynamics of the story... I do see your point though. I'll refine it a bit again, I appreciate your response.


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        Man, look, I have to be honest with you, and I'm only being honest because I want you to get better at this. This opener will never work. It is way too long. Why would a girl you JUST met listen to all that if you are just SOME guy? If she does listen, it probably won't progress further and you said that it did not work 15 times, and that the comfort stage seems like it's almost forced on you before you even have a chance to start kino. That is not good man. Not good.

        If an opener doesn't work in the first 10 tries, then it is not the opener. It is the person delivering it. You must realize that any opener will work. All that matters is the DELIVERY of the opener, and by that I mean the emotion and elastic effect you put in your words. If Mystery took a simple line like "How tall are you?" he would probably say it in a more interesting way than you or me. It would sound something like, " tall are YOUUUU?"

        You really need to consider that a big change must happen in the way you talk and behave in order to become someone who is very attractive to women. The guys who look for routines and canned material are the ones who want to find things which will hide the fact that they are not attractive people to be around. Routines were never meant to be used excessively. They were just things you read and understood so you could apply similarly structured conversation while you were in field. NOTHING MORE. Delivery is key man. Delivery. Trust me man. Trust me.