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  • Openers As Told By Instinct

    This opener has never failed me once!..

    [B][SIZE="3"]The Jealous Girlfriend Opener[/SIZE][/B]

    Me: [I](Over The Shoulder)[/I] Hey guys quick opinion.. would you ever date someone who is still seeing his ex?

    Her: Yes/No..Blah Blah

    Me: [I](Cut Her Off)[/I].. well I have to go in a second [I](Body Rock Out)[/I].. and this is actually a two part question...

    Me: My buddy in college started hanging out with his ex girlfriend again.. now this is only a once a week thing... nothing really serious.. I mean that alone.. do you think it's ok to still be friends with your ex's?

    Her: Blah Blah

    Me: [I](Cut Her Off)[/I].. well the thing is.. she decided to snoop under his bed.. and she found a shoe box of pictures, letters, and little memories of all his old ex's... she flipped shit and told him to burn the pictures or she will never talk to him again... that's a little extreme right?

    Her: Blah Blah Blah

    [I]She Hooks... She Faces You... You Throw In Another FTC... Roll Off... Calibrate And Face Her... Then Stack To Your A2 Piece...[/I]


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    Jealous Girlfriend

    I love this opener so much because this exact shit happened to me! My last girlfriend literally found an old shoe box with pictures and letters from my old girlfriends under my bed and I shit you not, she actually tore up all of my wallet sized prom pictures.

    When I do this opener sometimes I will add to the end of it “why are all of the beautiful woman so crazy”

    ...just a tiny little DHV.