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  • Hustle's "Zombie Apocalypse" Opener

    This weekend was another awesome weekend in field. My wings and I constantly push ourselves and each other and this weekend we decided to try something new and outrageous.

    We have a new guy in our circle with MAJOR AA. Once he approaches, he stays in set and gets people laughing right away, but he still has HUGE fear about approaching. One of his last sets, he kepting eyeing this HB9 wearing a black outfit with red boots. I convinced him to walk up to her and do a Jim Carrey/[U]Dumb and Dumber[/U] opener: He walked up, leaned back at the waist, and gave a double thumbs up while saying "[I]Killer Boots, Man[/I]!!" He got blown out almost immediately, but we all laughed about it and it made him feel a lot better for trying something so gutsy. He also discovered getting blown out is not a big deal - in fact, it can be fun!

    So, my stroke of genius was what I call the "[I]Zombie Apocalypse Opener[/I]." I actually used it as an A2 piece. There was an HB9 texting by herself in front of the bar and one of my favorite openers in this situation is to whip out my cell and stand shoulder to shoulder with her and say "[I]You don't have to text me, I am standing right here[/I]!" Always gets a laugh.

    I then said "[I]My friends and I were just talking about this[/I] (I point back to my 15 person social circle over my shoulder)....[I]if there was a zombie apocalypse right now, what do you think your chances of survival would be[/I]?"

    She said "[I]About 5%[/I]."
    I came back with "[I]OMG! I am so not hanging out with you anymore! I only hang with survivors, but I suppose I could always just throw you to the zombies as appetizer while I make my getaway[/I]."

    I figure no matter how she responds, you can totally riff of it. She could be cocky and say "[I]I would totally survive[/I]!" and you could instantly drop the neg, you could use this on a group and give everyone a time span of survivability - with the target having the shortest and you using them as bait to getaway, and it is easy to stack off of.

    Give it a shot. I am definitely going to field test this a hell of a lot more!!
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    sounds like a pretty good opener... have you been able to test it more yet... how is it going??