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  • Derail's The "Charlie Sheen" Opener

    This opener has hooked every set

    Pua: Quick question, would you ever date Charlie Sheen?
    Target: Blah Blah Blah
    Pua: The reason im asking is cause my friend Victoria (ROOT and PRE-SELECTION), who ive known since we were kids, and ive gotta get back to in a second(FTC), subscribes to Cosmopolitan, do you read it?
    Target: blah blah blah
    Pua: I was flipping through it with some of our friends and it says that 80 percent of women prefer money over objects, what do you think?(Qualifying)
    Taget: blah blah blah
    Pua: (kino-escalation)(grab her wrist) So if you and i were dating * and it was our 1 year anniversary (start drawing circles on her wrist lightly) would you prefer a 1000 dollar bracelet or a made bracelet?(Role-playing)
    Target: blah blah blah
    Pua: Whenever im with my baby sister we make jewelry together, she made this necklace for me(which is actually a lock in prop), im from a huge family 6 brothers 4 sisters and im the 2nd oldest so ive always had to look out for my family, sisters especially.(Tribal leader) (Protector) (Dhv) How big is your family?

    Now, at this point you have many threads to work with
    --Charlie Sheen
    --Friends of the opposite sex

    Also, there are many opportunites to throw negs
    --(When you grab her wrist) Nice nails are they real? Oh well theyre still nice

    The * mark between dating and and explained
    -- Depending on the girl, I will say " but dont get any ideas, youre not my type"

    Now, also listen to her because she will give you alot of vauable information in her answers as well.

    This opener is 100 percent successful, tried on over 400 sets.
    Ive used it so much, but know I think it is time to pass it on.


    Derail Laired (facebook)

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    Looks solid man. I would certainly use it!