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  • Thumb Ring Opener - New, works best with a wing!

    This is an opener I made up on the fly a few days ago when my wing/friend and I went to sarging for the first time. I had been thinking of getting a thumb ring for about 2 weeks now, and my friend was saying it was gay, and why would I get one there and then it hit me. Here's an opener I used a few times that day and it worked almost everytime(guys get hooked to the routine as well that follows for some reason)

    Have a wing approach a set, with you nearby. He would say the following:

    Wing: "Yo/Hi/Hello/etc, my friend and I are having a small argument, *time constraint here* (such as "this will only take a minute, we gotta get back to our friends" or w/e feels comfortable), thumb ring, good or bad idea? The only reason I ask is because he wants to get a thumb ring, but I say it's a bad idea"
    Set(mixed most of the time), you should smile and wait for the responses, guys usually give an answer like "that's weird, why the thumb?"

    Despite the responses, as soon as the set finished replying, I transition to the ring routine( I believe style made it). I always did the pinky first if there are guys in the set, as it is the competitive representation. By the time I finish, my wing and I are in the set, and we just go on from there. Main thing here is to ask "If you were to wear a ring, what finger would you put it on? and what hand?"
    Each finger represents a greek god, and thus has its own meaning. The left hand is the emotional side, right hand is more of a physical side.

    Hopefully this works for some of you guys, this has worked for me at least 4 times in one night, and each conversation lasted at least 15 minutes.

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    This is not solid game. You are conveying that you do not have fasion sense. its DLV. don't use it