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  • The Cute One Opener for Two-Sets (Untested)

    Hey very new to the forums. But anyways here's my idea of a two set + opener. The delivery would work best with a slight smile and a slight joking manner.

    PUA: Hey girls, who's the cute one here? + option add "Because I havn't decided yet...

    Girl1 or Girl2: I am or She is or we both are. Or (Worst Situation) = negative comment (Skip) to PUA reply (Worst Situation).

    PUA: (Body Rock Back) It's funny how Girls pride themselves over looks, so what do you girls have going for yourselves other than your looks? (Worst Situation) Wow is she always like this?

    Carry on.......... Blah Blah....

    The main goal of this is to set the frame that your a genuine guy looking for a girl and not trying to pick them up. This opener works if they reject or accept.

    Tell me what you think
    Last edited by The Diamond; 09-26-2011, 03:45 AM.

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    Hi Diamond, Welcome!

    I'm gonna be honest and say that I don't like it.

    It comes across that you are interested in speaking to them BECAUSE of their looks when you say "who's the cuter one here" even though you're trying to come across as a guy who's 'not interested in their looks'

    straight away you've mentioned their genetic appearance, blowing the whole 'not affected by their beauty' theory out the water.


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      It's an obvious pickup. Not only that it automatically gives them higher value than you. You would be shooting yourself down before you even started a routine.