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  • Children's Slippers Opener (untested) - New to the game, need help!

    hey guys,

    Im relatively new to the game. I have been reading all your posts and saving for a boot camp. I would like to think I get the "idea" of the MM. Here is an opener me and my roommate thought of... please be brutally honest and critic where it is needed or move it elsewhere. We were walking through Target and its Wisconsin and getting a little chilly. We go to get some slippers. My roommate is a bigger guy and I'm pretty slender. So we are looking at slippers and he gets to choose from the man section and I can almost fit into the childrens slippers. We thought of this...
    "Quick question, me and my roommate were grabbing some slippers cuz its getting really cold around here. I got some normal black slippers but he has childs feet and could only fit into a Sponge Bob Square Pants pair or Dora the Explora" which one should he choose?"
    Is it better to say my roommate had to choose or that I had the smaller feet and had to choose and do you think this would work to open then stack forward???
    Thanks for all your help and I'm done with school in 2 weeks and will be fielding testing random stuff .

    Appreciate it fellow PUA's.