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  • Harmonized Colours Day Game Opener (untested)

    Is it ok to open an HB during day game with an opener such as: Why do some people have to harmonize the colours of their clothing so much?

    It's a situational opener because all of her clothing was blue & brown, but I was unsure, cuz it involves her looks...

    What do you guys think?

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    I think it depends on how she is dressed. If she is dressed to the 9's I prolly wouldnt. If she is dressed really well I would use that as an opener to ask her an opinion about your wardrobe. ei ( I have this really nice blue shirt) what would you where black pants or khakis? Then work from there and in the interaction now you can "neg" her on her wardrobe or her style depending on how she is dressed. Hell if you are close to a store ask her to show you and then you can neg some more.
    I actually used something like this today. I am going to puerto rico for a wedding so I was looking for a nice dress shirt for the reheasal and going out there. I saw a really cute brunette in H&M and walked up and said
    me - "Hey, I have a problem I need your assistance with"
    her - "whats that?"
    me - "Im going to PR in a week for a wedding and I have to find a nice outfit for the rehearsal and going out while I'm there and just cant decide what looks best" gestered for her to follow me to 2 outfits I had picked out. One that looked good and an oddball that noone in their right mind should pick.
    her - "the one on the left is better but we can put together something better for you." She pointed toward the better looking one where I proceeded to defend the bad one and neg her a little bit here and there.
    I think the best part was I had a reason to get her number to "let her know how it went while I was down there" and "show her the pics."

    Now obviously you wont say you are going somewhere you are not but I feel the idea behind it would have worked well for you. Best of luck