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  • BOX Opener - Field Tested

    Here's one I accidentally stumbled upon a while ago.
    It was a mate's birthday and I bought him a gift at the shops, then had the gift placed in a box due to it being fragile and continued onto the party.
    On they way, we decided to stop by a local nightclub/bar for a few pre-drinks.
    I had to carry the gift contained inside a box with me on this occasion due to transportation.

    As soon as I walked in the bar, I was instantly approached by multiple women asking me what was in "the Box"?
    That's right, they opened me!!!!
    I had girls give me their numbers, massages, kisses just to see what was inside the box. They wouldn't leave me alone. You can totally play with the HB9-10's with this one, as they are not normally used to being so quickly rejected access to view inside. Show the obstacles inside, but not the target. It's great fun.

    To further this as a better opener. Have a smaller box contained inside the larger box. That way their efforts to seduce you to see inside the box, is worthless when they realise there is another box inside a box. The box should be unmarked, so it leaves them to question its contents.
    This is a variation of peacocking, but a more modest style to dressing extreme or having ridiculous gags. The box has mystery, and we all know girls love mystery.

    Field Tested - Flawless everytime.

    Try it and let me know how you go.

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    This sounds hilarious to try - especially with a smaller box inside it. There are so many box-related jokes and teases you can exploit!

    Out of curiosity, how big was the box you used?


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      Only a small one, so its easy to carry around. you know maybe 20-30cm x 20-30cm. Big enough to contain something interesting.