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  • Untested - Dance / Yoga / Pilates Openers - Critique s'il vous plait!

    Hello all,

    As someone who wants to hit the ground running (and who has a renewed fire for the game), I've put together a few openers here which I'm hoping you guys can critique for me. Let me know what you think - are these ready for field testing?

    [B]1) Yoga vs. Pilates[/B]

    Me: Hey guys, real quick, I'm trying to break a debate between my friend and his girlfriend, which one is harder Yoga or Pilates?

    HB: Blablablabla

    Me: My friend's girlfriend is trying to get him into yoga, but he's not having any of it - I'm telling him to do Pilates instead, it's clearly the more manly workout.

    HB: Blablablabla

    Wow, I didn't realise I'd get into a conversation with such an expert! (done slightly sarcastically)

    [B]2) Better Dancers[/B]

    Me: Hey guys, I've gotta get back to my friend soon but...who do you think are the better dancers...guys or girls?

    HB: Girls! / Guys! / blablablablablablabla

    Me: Yeah it's been bugging me and my friend for ages. She reckons girls are better, and don't get me wrong - it's sexy when a girl can dance. But guys know how to make it look cool you know - girls are just dorky in comparison.

    HB: Blablablablablablabla

    Me: Hey, you know, it's okay if you're a dorky dancer, I'm not judging! (done with an 'innocent' look)

    [B]3) Dance Lovers [/B](borrowed from International's opener found here: [url][/url])

    Hey guys, I can't stay long, but quick question - why is it that women love to dance and guys don't?

    HB7: I don't know etc...

    See that doesn't make sense - all my mates, guys and girls, love to it's crazy how most guys hate it.

    HB9: BlaBlaBla

    Yea, I mean it's clearly obvious that guys are the better dancers...

    HB9: Whhaaaaat, etc etc etc.

    I mean c'mon, all the big names are guys. You've got JT, Usher, Micky J…you can't deny the facts.

    HB: WHAA etc etc etc

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    Those are funny as hell. I personally like to dance so these would work perfect for me. Thank you so much Im gonna steal these for tonights interactions. Thanks

    Ill let you know how they go.