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  • Starting openers with "Hello, this may seem a little..."


    I realized that starting some openers with a simple "Hello, this may seem a little weird/strange/funny, but..." + opener asking about directions, usually makes them answer my question easier. They don't ignore me as often, or make fake excuses about not knowing/being in a rush, they actually try to give me a sincere answer.

    I haven't tried yet, but I was thinking about following up with a "yeah, im new in town, so im pretty lost..." + "nice to meet you, by the way..." + quick DHV (best friends test, or anything about reading their personalities).

    However, I am worried that this kind of opener might already disqualify me as a potential partner (specially because I have a latin american accent and they just look at me like a person that really needs help). By the way, I do mostly day street-game, I usually practice on my way to work every morning and on my way back every day.

    I do get answers from them, and I do get their attention, but if I already eliminated any chance to get attraction with the opener, then its game over from the beginning, right?

    What do you think?

    Thanks for your help!!!
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    if u r not good at the game, and u cant follow up then u should change your opener, its very common, find a few cocky/funny openers and take it from there, it easier to follow up, have some routines (DHV's) ready. watch out for your body language too, it can blow your set.


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      Oh I see!! I always try to dress really nice, wear nice shoes and look very groomed.

      So, do you think that starting openers with "this may be a little weird/strange, but..." is bad?


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        Well wearing nice and being well groomed is always good, just don't over do it.

        1st, there's no false time constraint in your opener, instead of "this may be a little weird/strange, but...", use "quick question, (your question)", or "this will take a [B]second[/B], (your question)" you need to let them know that you're not staying long and u have to be somewhere else or get back to your friends, for me i like to use questions that r not common and somehow bold, I'll give u an example (hey, quick question, if a shemale sleeps with a woman, will that make her straight or lesbian?) but of course u need to use common sense, u cant use this opener in a church or something like that.

        2nd, i don't recommend using weird, strange, ... in your openers, just keep it light and simple.


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          If you tell a girl (or anyone) "this may be a little strange...." you have introduced the idea that you and/or what you are saying is strange, so that is how she will experience what you say after because you have made her expect something weird and strange. Why do that? Why not just start talking to her like you are an a party and you and she are already comfortable with each other? By introducing the words "strange" and "weird" that is how you are making her feel. Why are you apologizing for talking to her? Why are you excusing yourself? Why not say, "here is something interesting.....I just read in Cosmo that........". What state do you suppose that arouses in her as opposed to, "This may be a little weird...I just read in Cosmo that......"



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            Switch up the wording!

            Usually when I start an opener like the one you've stated I say it like this:

            PUA:Hey, this might sound a little random, and I have to go in a a sec but I think you are absolutely gorgeous.

            Target: "oh thank you" (watch out for any unconscious DHV's like hair grooming or clothes adjusting)

            PUA continue instantly with) "If you were my type, I'd be all over you" (be expressive! And say this as you sway your body away from her, as if alrready leaving.)

            Than act as if your coming back, facing towards her say "what's your name?"

            Target: "Julia"

            PUA: "I'm Oscar nice to meet you" (reach hand out and instantly when she shakes your hand say, "whoa what kind of handshake was that?!!

            (as you are holding her hand, tell her

            "Here this is how you do it, 1st you make eye contact than you show them that pretty smile of yours & 3rd you shake hands... Like this"

            By now you will be able to tell if she is receptive or not, if she is continue on with a gambit In which you DHV.
            If she's not receptive than you can still eject yourself from set with some respect.