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  • Too Confident With Women Opener (untested) - My first routine/opener

    Hey I want some advice on this opener/routine to stack into that I came up with, maybe some revisions before I go test it out in the field.

    I'm pretty new to this so don't hate too much haha

    Me: "can you [all] help me with something?"
    Set: blah blah sure
    Me: "great! I have this problem where I get a little too confident with women and sometimes I need one to bring my self-esteem down a notch. Can one of you come up with an insult?"

    undoubtedly the set is going to be like wtf?

    Assuming they pause for at least 2-4 seconds...

    Me: "Well, I know I'm attractive but it shouldn't be *that* hard to come up with an insult..."

    Set: blah blah

    Me: "Would it help if I insulted one of you first?" etc... pause for laughter "Nah, I couldn't do that to you."

    Stack to next routine

    or... if they come up with an insult for you quickly...
    Me: "Thanks! Now I feel like we can talk on an equal level." <-- maybe throw in a "just kidding" after that to go for C&F because I feel like by itself it might come off as a bit douche-ish.

    In any case, stack to next routine.

    Feedback/advice is always appreciated. Thanks.

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    Hey Kidginger,

    Not bad! Remember that the key to opening isn't the content, its the delivery.

    This opener comes off cocky - but that can be a good thing if you deliver it with the right attitude. Think cocky - funny.

    I didn't see any overt dlv's so that's good.

    I'd go out and run it in he field 50 times. (maybe do it 10x per night for the next 5 nights you go out). Review your progress each night. Adjust accordingly. Over time your delivery and the content will calibrate and you'll have a great opener and some great infield experience as well.


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      first of all, get outside and start talking to people! You'll learn so much more by experiencing things than you will on here. If you need to pre-script something to say, fair enough but just get out there and use it.


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        Go say it.

        You may in fact get a positive response.. some girls will "Not" insult you.. because a lot of them are polite.

        If you do get this response.. which I'm sure you will considering you will become congruent over time and not right away.. you can stack this in profound ways with frame and comfort.

        If they say
        "Why would I insult you? I don't really know you?

        Its a shit test.. a hoop.. bad mojo just to blatantly answer.

        Ill let you take it from here..

        I would say

        "Oh.. I can't talk to you with such good vibes


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          Thoughts off the top of my head. I agree with Achilles that it is all in the delivery. If you project strength and value in the way you carry yourself, then you can sing "row your boat" and it would probably work.

          The pro to this opener is that you show you are strong enough to take an insult (you are a "ghost" using Lovedrop's metaphor). And if delivered the right way it is cocky-funny. The *** is that it creates a negative atmosphere. Most women are raised to be polite and dislike giving, receiving, or hearing personal insults--with some notable exceptions. Lovedrop recommends being a "flame" and creating good vibes.

          Oh, one more thought. Because this is a cocky-funny routine, it might be better not to start with a question: it implies you want something from them. I'd say "I'd like some advice" (not "I need some advice").


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            I agree with gamestudent!

            1) You don't say:"Can I ask *something*?" ASK the question mate!
            Just say:"Hey guys,quick question(FTC)..." or "I need a quick female opinion (and ask)"
            2) << Me: "Thanks! Now I feel like we can talk on an equal level." <-- maybe throw in a "just kidding" after that to go for C&F because I feel like by itself it might come off as a bit douche-ish. >>
            DEFINETLY no "just kidding" the MAN bro,show them confidence through your [U]delivery[/U] and if not...just crash and burn the set.You will get it the next time
            Oh and add a smile after the "Thanks! Now I feel like we can talk on an equal level."

            Good Luck,


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              The content of that opener is pretty try hard... if delivered wrong

              Of course if you get the delivery right and you know how to respond to the shit tests that opener will be the shit!!

              Think about it like this.. if you are talking like this and they just let u get away with that! What does that say about your value?? Uhhhhhhh!!! Beast!!

              But really pay attention to your delivery and responding right... It may take some trial and error but once you pull it off it will be the shit! So don't quit on it.. I say do it like a 100 times before u decide if u like it or not.. let me know how it works!

              I say go for it!

              MAN LAW!