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  • "We're Hot" Opener (untested) - Opinions?


    Just thought of this today, after some feedback. This will obviously only work with girls who regularly have drinks bought for them.

    PUA: "I bet you're the sort of person that people always try to buy a drink for."

    Girl will show some response indicating the affirmative.

    PUA: "Me too! <high five> God, don't you hate it? I mean, they always seem really nice but I know they're just after one thing. But that's our curse... we're hot."

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    LOL...this may make you come off as gay, but that's all the better.

    I could definitely see a girl laughing and having a huge smile on her face when you say the hook.


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      Hah, well, good material all in all.
      I actually didn't get the gay-vibe from it, but maybe that's because half the stuff Mystery teaches, AFCs don't have the balls to say because they think it's gay.


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        I'm a newbie so take my comments with a grain of salt.

        I like it! I suppose to eliminate the hint of gayness you could say "I mean, THE GIRLS always seem really nice but I know they're just after one thing."

        Also, I wonder how it would sound if you left off the "And that's our curse--we're hot" part. She will start laughing after "they're just after one thing," so you could you wait 'til the laughter starts to die, and then make "Guess that's our curse--we're hot" a tag-line to get another laugh.