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    Before I get to the opener itself I just want to explain the story behind it. This is what Style meant in Rules of The Game when he said 'your opener must be rooted' (paraphrasing). I took that concept for granted until this day. Feel free to skip to the opener if you don't feel like reading the backstory. I've only tested it three times but it's worked pretty well so far.

    I was hanging out at a bar with my AFC friends, whom I love as family, but pity for their lack of skill with women. One of whom has a girlfriend (who picked him btw) who wants to learn how to salsa dance with him. He absolutely refused to and gave plenty of bullshit reasons to get out of it. That sparked a lively debate amongst the four of us. I was the only one on the pro dance side because I'm a professional dancer. A set of three walked by (hb7, hb9, hb8) and the opener just scereamed at me in my mind. I had an FTC a DHV and even a neg built right in so I approached.

    International: Hey. I need a woman's help here. Why is it that women love to dance and men don't?

    HB7: I don't know ect.

    International: I mean I wouldn't know the answer because I'm the exception to the rule. I dance for a living. (you can replace the previous sentanc with "I like dancing.")

    HB9: Oh you're a dancer?

    International: Yea, but more on that later. Why do you suppose one sex loves dancing and the other one doesn't?

    HB9: Probably because one sex is retarded.

    International: *looks his target up and down* you would say that wouldn't you? *turns to the others* So how do you three know each other.

    We continued on and I rolled off to my next opener. I got a phone number within thirty minutes. Try it out and let me know what you think. You might need to instal a spoken FTC. Since my friends were really there the time constraint was in my body language. Also beware that if you do get far with a girl whom you used this opener on she WILL remember that you're open to dancing and call you on it one day. Like I mentioned before if you're not a professional dancer just saying you're open to dancing is a DHV. Test it out and let me know what you think.
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    Ya know, I've got some recruiting to do for the dance clubs I'm in...I will absolutely try this out (already have the root in my mind ).


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      Awesome! Let me know how it works.


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        I just started taking popping lessons so i can def use this one thanks...


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          I go country dancing every wednesday... Great Opener!


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            From my newbie perspective the opener sounds really good. My 2 cents. Perhaps it would add a little value to get rid of the word "need" and the question. So maybe:

            "Hey. I could use a woman's help here. I keep wondering [or, I never have been able to figure out; or, I'm puzzled, etc.] why women like to dance and men don't."


            "I'm wrestling with a great unsolved mystery: all men hate dancing, and all women love it. Maybe you ladies know why."

            To me a question implies that you're trying to get something from them.