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  • Mood Ring Opener

    So I have been playing around with this recently becuase I bought a mood ring on a spur of the moment thing.

    PUA:Hey do you guys think mood rings work? (look at the mood ring so speaking to no one in the group particularly)
    Girls: bla bla bla yes no whatever
    Pua: well a friend of mine bought it for me after I helped her sister out with something and I was just wondering if it worked or not.
    Girls: bla bla bla works of body heat if they are smart
    PUA: But I'm not sure if the body heat thing works or not becuase when you get angry your temperature goes up but when you get all hot and bothered your body temperature goes up. Maybe our bodes are telling us angry sex is ok.

    Thoughts critiques?

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    do you really want to bring angry sex into the frame that early? :P


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      that was just one of the responses I was using I used a couple more like the ring turns different colors when you get mad or turned on thats just the one that I hve gotten the most laughs with


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        well if it opens the set it opens the set, that makes it a good opener, plus it even has some threads for them to select and a bit o' t' ol' DHV. good work! and if you've tested it even better, the most important thing with anything is to try it in field and see if it works, if you notice that later in the set it starts causing problems, post it here and i will help you dissect them, i use to have a mood ring it might be around somewhere, if i find it i'll give it a go.


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          My first reply

          Hi there, This is a late response, this is also my first post on this forum. Just last night I used a mood ring, it works very well and what better way to prove it than to let them try it on. A few things happen here
          1. Small hoop test, Compliance
          2. Some light Kino
          3. and a Neg, (No matter what happens if there's a slight colour difference you must mention that she is having a good time, but your colour means that you are having a better time.)

          You must then ask her to put the ring back onto your finger. I like to ask them to put it back onto my ring finger because it will bring up possible thoughts of marriage etc. Plus you get more kino.

          Jump to your next story.