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  • Rock Paper Scissors routine - untested

    In reality, this routine is so vast that it can more or less be used in A1 or A2, less so A3, and even a bit into Comfort. I have been working on it for a while, and I'd really like someone to field-test it if they can. I can potentially try it out during the day, but any failures may just as easily be down to my mistakes rather than flaws in the script. Clubs and bars are a no-go currently, at least on a regular schedule. If you don't have a good amount of knowledge in Rock Paper Scissors (RPS) strategy, PM me for some quick ideas, or work out your own strategies on the spot, and if they fail, simply comment that "that person's different" or that the girl "didn't do it right" (see later in the routine).

    I feel that the simple yet complex game of Rock Paper Scissors is a vehicle for attraction-building that just isn't explored enough. It is an opinion of mine that, much like theatre, a pickup artist should have a vast array of skills up his sleeve, in many different areas, both to use as DHVs and to stimulate interesting conversation. Anything you can do is useful. Pogo sticking, chess, graphic design, whatever. I would encourage any fellow PUA-in-training to build a massive base of knowledge that can be called upon in any situation.

    Open the entire set with "Do you guys know how to play Rock Paper Scissors? I've got to get back to my friends in a minute, but I just need to try something out really quick".
    After the set responds in the affirmative, single out one of the females (if you are gay, and your set consists of only guys, substitute Paper for Rock in the following description). Preferably this is not the target, but it may have to be if there are no other girls. Point to your chosen girl and say "Okay, you. Let's play. And if you're really lucky, I'll even tell you how I beat you". Deliver (use) an initial throw (hand symbol) of Rock, in an attempt to counter the common female Scissors opening. Make sure that, if you're sarging somewhere other than your home country, you have worked out what priming (fist-pumping) style is used in your location, as some countries will prime three times, while others only twice.

    [b]If you get a win[/b] (insta-DHV), quickly drop the line "Yep, thought so", then roll off almost straight away. By this point you have built intrigue to an almost fever pitch, and if you have used the right banter to this point, chances are good that the set or a member of it will re-open you in an attempt to find out how you knew what she was going to throw.

    Unless you are very confident of your skill, it would be wise to tell them that your brain is tired out from all that psychic activity if any of them attempt to play further games with you. After building the attraction enough, you should then be free to reveal that, in fact, 70% of females open with Scissors (true fact), and this can merge into a lengthy discussion of RPS strategy (which you might want to study up on, it's very interesting. Read The Official Rock Paper Scissors Strategy Guide for a starter). As it is a 100% verifiable and accurate fact that RPS is not a game of luck (research this as well), there is no plausible way for you to get beaten in an argument, and your knowledge of the subtleties of meta-game should help to increase your value and interest factors. Consider encouraging the set (or the target, if you have successfully transitioned into comfort and have moved the target to a new location) to try out some basic amateur strategies on those around her, and share in their/her glee when they work.

    [b]If, however, you happen to lose (although this is quite unlikely)[/b], never fear. It is still possible to turn the situation to your advantage, despite your rather unfortunate DLV. One good technique is to transition, seamlessly, into a second throw, after acknowledging her win, and wait expectantly if the girl you are playing doesn't comply. When she protests or questions why you are playing again, pull the Rounder's Ploy (after losing a single-throw game, pretend that the game is, naturally, a best-of-three), claiming that "everyone always plays best-of-threes". While this is rather frowned upon in the RPS community, rules, even unspoken ones, are meant to be broken. This will give you a second chance to win. Use your regular amateur tactics, and remember that chumps tend to stick with a throw if it's won for them thus far. If you then win the best-of-three, jump up to the "If you get a win" section. If not, and it is not possible to save the game using any other tricky strategies (don't use too many "dodge the loss" gimmicks, or you'll come across as desperate and a cheater, lowering your value), look bewildered and turn your loss into an IOI of your own, with a comment like "you're unpredictable... I like that. I would never have thought you'd come out with a <her winning throw> in that situation", or "you have unpredictable friends... I like that" if it's the obstacle. While I'm not going to spell it out for you, it should be relatively easy to merge forward into a strategic discussion, where you can reveal your knowledge of the area, hopefully compensating for your lost value.

    Thanks guys, and enjoy. Happy sarging!

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    You're right, Rock Scissors Paper is gold and I often use it as an Opener. It works very well and deserves more fame !

    Also, when they/you come back, you can stack into Mystery's thumb wrestling routine: "Ok you know what ? I'll give you another chance to make up for it. Put your hand like this...*thumb wrestling routine*", it's a good way to begin the kino-escalation though you haven't even talked.

    Or instead of the thumb wrestling, you can tease her by telling her: "Ohh you suck at rock scissor paper ! Show me something you're good at to make up for it ! How many ways can you roll your tongue ?", she will often respond for she wants to qualify herself after having lost at RSP.
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