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    nice Fair, i like it and will use it.


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      Pretty DAAAAMN out of the blue mate!
      But i approve,since you emphasize your get props from me for this one!



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        Originally posted by Cathal View Post
        "You're a really nice girl". That line never fails to get a girls wheels turning, they typically qualify to anything you say after that because they really don't know if you meant it as a good thing or as something you're not looking for. Sends them on a rollercoaster of thoughts when dropped in after a few minutes of good vibing.
        Man, that is an excellent line. I would think the key is inflecting the "nice" ever so slightly (not the "really").

        How about this one: "You seem to have a lot going on mentally." You could take it in two entirely opposite ways.


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          Originally posted by Decibel
          Ok, not to rain on your parade here, but I'm pretty sure it was not the words you used, but your delivery that made her attracted.
          I'm a newbie at game, but this conforms to my limited experience. And I'll go farther: it's not even delivery, it's how you carry yourself before and during the delivery. I have been spending time at the pool at my tennis club. I can just look at the guys around the pool and see from their walk, posture, and facial expressions (conclusion: men don't smile) whether women will be attracted to them. The verbal content is crucial in the comfort and seduction phases, but I think if you carry yourself like a strong and valuable man, you can just say "hi" or nod or smile and get attraction right off the bat. I worked on making my walk more rolling and masculine, and got thick-soled shoes and padded them so I could get an extra couple inches in height to add to my 6', and I swear just those changes alone doubled the number of looks I get from women.

          Maybe we all place too much emphasis on coming up with clever stories, lines, and endless forms of verbal bullshit. I wonder whether HBs care anything about all that. The attraction comes from having the attention of a man who acts powerful and valuable, even if he says inane things like "nice day."
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