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  • Humorous Openers

    Best way to open a set is with snide remarks that are funny, and non insulting period end of discussion.

    Here's a few examples..

    I'm not the most attractive man in the world but I think I am to the point of being cocky and silly. It works! Girls laugh and follow me around so try it out, and keep it clever. Don't degrade yourself but be able to be comfortable joking about yourself even when opening.

    - Walking down stairs I trip over a stair then walk up to set of hotties and say there's a nail on the stairs you might trip when you walk over it. She laughs then I say OMG you think it's funny my leg has a bruise! pause...for laughter...You should kiss it better. ...Girls will respond OMG kiss kiss...BAM set open done

    - Picture routine using silly ass picture...Hey girls tell me thats not the sexiest man you have ever seen in your life!...pause for laughter girls respond.. OMG yeah that is a sexy man...bam set open

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    If you're in a public location and people are talking loudly (gossiping) feel free to join the conversation.

    I overheard a guy working at the gym: "You know, one of those guys who graduated five years ago but still goes to high school parties". I shouted out so that people could hear, "Hey! Stop talking about me like that, I'm right here". Or something to that effect. Out of the tanning area a hottie looks out, laughs and compliments my shoes. Set opened.


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      Alright man I used this one today it was absolutely awesome two girls are working out in the gym. Both are hot have fake boobs that are nice looking, and very fit bodies. I walk up to them over then said, hey guys don't go to heavy on the machine I don't want you to make me look bad...Instantly they open...I'm joking around they say OMG you're so silly...Then I say well I'm coming back over here after your done I don't want to look bad. I roll off and leave them both drolling at the weights also I did this in front of a whole gym filled with girls. The two girls working out re-open me and then I dhv no need to disqualify her because I had attraction from the opener, and semi disqualified myself with the joke. Nice little game piece for you guys to try out.
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        "Excuse me could you stop undressing me with your eyes miss I'm not a piece of meat."


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          "Hey girls who is the sexiest man in this room?"...

          girls, "That guy!"

          Me, "Ok ok I'll give you a hint he's wearing a blue shirt about 6'2 and looking strait at you."

          girls, "haha shut up."

          Me, "Smile you guys seem to young for me.."

          Set opened stack forward


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            These are the lines that I made up

            Hi my name is Jesus/sanata claus

            women always laugh and ask em for my real name


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              I am dying to field test this one...I have no idea if it would bomb or not but I think it would be funny if delivered correctly...

              Find at least a 4 or 5 set (actually the more the better)...and depending on your impression of them, open with,

              "Hey...what is this? A future Cougars Club of America meeting?"

              hopefully: laughter then stack

              or optional related stack
              IF you all were married I could get a film crew together and we can start "The Real Housewives of (insert town name)."


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                Glad you guys are starting to get the point see people think opinion openers are the best and not to say they're not good. This is by far the best way to go it's like cocky funny, but the cocky comes across by not insulting or making fun of her but yourself. In a way that will make her feel disarmed and infected by your humorous positive vibe.

                I practice these in the gym allot...

                "Hey you're not going to beat me up if I stand here? No..Good because I have baby muscles and couldn't take you in a fight." - If you're really small don't use this opener
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                  "Hey I only have a second but I was curious do you think I should shave my beard or leave it"?

                  Hb..Leave it I like a man with a scruffy look... Or ..Shave it I like clean cut..

                  You..O so you think I look good like this or ..So you think I would look sexy clean shaven


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                    [B]For College Classrooms or HS[/B]

                    You: "Hey you're not going to steal my pencils if I sit here?"

                    Her:"No" - If said with a smile Qualify "No" - If said with no expression or worse...Give her negative body language then neg her.

                    Her:"Yes" - If said with smile Qualify "Yes" - If said with no expression..."Better not I may have little muscles but I could totally eat you for breakfast."


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                      [B]Qualify to open[/B]

                      Now tell me I'm curious what do you do? ...Very simple opener

                      basically I switch girls interview questions on themselves..It works.


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                        man, ur so damn clever, i cant think of this shit on the spot.. im gonna totally try this stuff. thanks a lot!


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                          This is an opener that involves you and your wing. You basically figuare out a famous person the girl looks like then say something like the following.."Hey what's up Britney Spears! Hey Brett it's Britney Spears! Britney this is Brett, Brett this is Britney." The girls laugh and when I do it I introduce my buddy to the obstacle and go after the hottie.


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                            [B]Elevator Opener[/B]

                            Me: Hey you better hope this thing makes it off the ground because I just ate 1,320 pounds of Chinese food.
                            HB: laughs and starts talking to me - hooks immediately makes transitioning simple


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                              [B]Italian looking girls[/B]

                              Me: I bet you eat more lasagna than Garfield.
                              Hb: Why do you say that..
                              Me: I thought you were Italian..
                              Hb: O I am, or I'm ...
                              Me: Cool I used to live in ....then I go into a dhv routine