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  • False Time Constraint Collection

    This thread is designed to be the catch-all bin for false time constraints. [B]Post them here rather than creating a whole new thread[/B] for a single-sentence piece of material.

    Below is a small list of false time constraints that I put on my computer years ago. I take no credit for creating any of these. I'm just posting them as a sample. I'd post a source for where they came from, but they were just in a random text there you go:

    [I]we only have a minute, but

    we can only stay for a minute because I have to rejoin my friends, but

    quick question, but be quick because our friends are waiting for us,

    we have to leave in a minute but

    I canít stick around long, but

    thisíll only take a minute,

    You know what...if I didn't have to go right now...which I do...I would

    I can only stay for a sec, I'm here with friends, but check this out

    I've only got a minute, but I've got to tell you

    I cant be long, my friends can't behave on their own, but[/I]

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    "I have an appointment with the bathroom......shaking hands with the Unemployed"


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      I think mystery suggested many along those lines cause i recognise them and ive only got mystery method