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  • False Disqualifier Collection

    This thread is designed to be the catch-all bin for false disqualifiers such as negs, etc. [B]Post your soundbytes and one-liners here rather than creating a whole new thread[/B] for a single-sentence piece of material.

    Note that even though negs and other false disqualifying lines are used throughout A1-C1, we're putting the thread here because it's usually best practice to disqualify yourself during or soon after the opener.

    Below is a small list of negs and false disqualifiers that I must have put on my computer years ago. Obviously, I take no credit for creating any of these. I'm just posting them as a sample. I'd post a source for where they came from, but they were just in a random text there you go:

    [I]Those shoes look really comfortable.

    I like that skirt. Those are really popular these days.

    I like that skirt. I just saw a girl wearing that a few minutes ago.

    Is that a wig? Oh...well it looks nice anyway.

    What do you call that hairstyle? The waffle?

    Those are nice nails, are they real? oh, ...well, ...they're...still nice...

    You know what, I think your hair would look much better up/down.

    Aww.. nice teeth! Are they real?

    Aww.. nice hair!!! Is it real? [pull] Hey it moved! ... Wow..

    You know what, I'm too drunk.

    I'm way too toxic for you. i'd just be a bad influence.

    Too bad I'm gay, or you'd so be my type.

    You know, it's too bad you're not my type, because you are very pretty.

    I can't date you

    It would never work out between us

    I can already tell, you and i are NOT going to get along

    You're fired

    You're too much of a nice girl for me

    You're a dancer? OMG I can't even talk to you

    I'm totally not boyfriend material. Hey, that guy over there looks PERFECT for you

    We're so broken up. I want my CD's back

    We're so broken up. You can keep the kids, but I'm taking the house and the car

    You're first impression sucked[/I]
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    Thats a great thing you say about False Disqualifiers. Who taught you that?


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      wow! you didnt just seriously say that, did you? bummer

      chill, chill out, wait your turn

      oh geez, who am I hanging out with?

      man, was that goofey


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        well the first ones are mystery´s i think


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          Most of them are Style´s or at least i heard them from him:

          Lets take this slow, I dont wanna get hurt

          I have a confession to make ... I need to go to the bathroom

          Oh ! you are lossing points, if u get 7 u can have my number

          That is a very personal question (just joking)

          And your point is ?

          - Some of them need to be said SLOWLY, as she will get closer to listen and u become more "interesting".

          Have fun boys


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            who is more trustworthy??, you or your friend?

            your one of those player types arnt you???

            i bet you say that to all the guys...

            was that a joke???


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              "WOW, I have NEVER seen a waffle smile before in my life" if a 10 add "how much did your parents spend on that?!?!!?"


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                [FONT="Arial Narrow"][RIGHT]I always use the neg of hair, when I fall in that she starts to laugh and play with my hair stuck ..

                very good the topic ..[/RIGHT][/FONT]


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                  perfect neg

                  There are some great negs here. This is one i remembered from grade school and it is SO great. It's a great way to incorporate your opener into your neg. with whatever your talking about your opener with, you say

                  PUA: *says opener, asks for opinion or whatever

                  HB10: says something

                  PUA: (gives her / the group a quizzical look directed towards her) What?

                  HB10: replies again

                  PUA: what?

                  HB10: replies again

                  PUA : what?

                  Let this go on for as long as it takes for her to understand she was just negged lol. This is so great because it flows smooth into the opener
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                    When she says I have a boyfriend say "so do I. You didn't think I found you attractive? How arrogant." Later when you show interest and she calls you on being gay NEG her, " I never said that"

                    Another I have had lots of luck with is " My girlfriend thinks X, do all women think that way." Later if she calls you on it, say "no I said my ex-girlfriend. You don't listen well do you"


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                      PUA: *says opener, asks for opinion or whatever

                      HB10: says something

                      PUA: Does someone who didn't eat paint ships as a kid have an answer?


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                        I love this *Touch a piece of her jewelry i.e Necklace, earrings, etc...* Not many people are brave enough to wear stuff they made themselves


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                          uhm... these are False Disqualifier's aren't they? not negs. so what's the difference?


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                            Has anyone ever told you you're beautiful...

                            ...and meant it?


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                              Newbie's 1st disqualifier..........(Comedy style)

                              Me: Honestly, you express more feelings than my male buddies did............then lets be bros.~~!!!
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