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    [FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="Navy"]List your NEW AND IMPROVED FIELD TESTED openers here ....

    i notice alot of guys dont have great openers or they dont know whats a good way to open .... and the best way 2 learn is by learning what others do and comming up with something similar [/COLOR][/FONT]

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    "Hi!" Best opener ever.


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      Use a foreign language, or, if you can do it, talk like Borat.


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        pretend you are conducting mamograms free of charge and she looks to be a good candidate - give her a coupon


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          How can you guys forget the best one, introduce yourself as a Female Body Inspector and tell her that her permit on file is expired!

          FT'd on hundreds of sets!


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            [FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="Navy"] I LOVE iT !!!!


            Hello My name is Sincere ....

            instant attraction

            or ***laser eyes***

            Call them towards you with your finger

            ***hypnotic eyes***
            Wow I feel if i didbt have complete control over my emotions .... I would be surrounded in lust and offering you dinner right now . But since i have control how about i get your name and you can take me to dinner later

            fucking golden !!!!

            come on dudes keep it commin[/COLOR][/FONT]


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              as tyler says do whatever you want as long as ur in state ur good. be happy and self amusing.


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                [COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"] Seb i agree , but some people still have certain success with certain openers . and if you read thru this forum there are alot of guys who cant make it past the opener to even start gaming a chick . But if they have an idea of what works for other then they can model it and come up with there own ideas [/FONT][/COLOR]


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                  Never used a scripted opinion opener, unless I was sincerely looking for their opinion. I'm pretty anti-opinion opener. It feels dishonorable in a way, like your no longer treating everyone like an individual, but a robot with no feeling for them. I'll try and never use the same opener twice, unless the situation calls for it.

                  I'm a situational opener. Improv from there. Far more effective. With scripted opinion openers and canned material, you'll know you've said it a hundred times before, each time losing more and more charisma. It loses that genuine sense of spontaneity and wit.

                  With this you become, "truly alpha." Not no text book beta with the goal of becoming alpha.


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                    I like situational openers too - but only funny ones. Simple, funny observations about something going on in close proximity. If you really have a few friends in a group and they're on board to backup an opinion opener, fine, but if I'm solo I leave the opinion openers alone.

                    See something funny and crack a joke as if you would have said it to yourself if nobody was around. If she laughs, you're golden.


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                      This one only works if you have a handkerchief with you.

                      Walk over to her and ask, over your shoulder while you brink the cloth near her face, "hey, does this smell like chloroform to you?"


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                        How much for a blowjob

                        perfect neg for hb10


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                          also, from another forum - Im a spy on a top secret mission, the CIA is trying to take my dick from me and I need some place to hide it


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                            Originally posted by Decibel
                            Latest and greatest, the Crack opener. This works if you are a conservative softspoken man:
                            'I am so never doing crack again. Never...ever...EVER...again. HIGH FIVES!!'

                            Also, I have been experimenting with something I call Extreme Kino, wherein you begin heavy kino as your opener. Examples:
                            - Stinky pinky opener
                            - The bowling ball sequence
                            - Motorboating opener, and if obstacle is involved, dual induction motorboating
                            - Rivers of Silicon Valley (pour your drink down her chest)

                            These are all massively FTd. Just make sure you are in good with security before you try them out.
                            Hey what are these openers? stinky pinky,bowling ball sequence,motorboating sequence,rivers of silicon valley? where were they given? in which book?


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                              The best way to open is "Hi" as Doctor D said. With a smile, of course. I think it's all in the delivery of your game. With a tight game an approach as simple as "Hi" should be enough. Working on the inner game will give you that solid confidence to not worry.