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    These are the worst openers ever.

    I do the "Hey is this place always so dead" opener especially if it's crowded if she says yes because it's dead then go with why do you come here then. Then start routine.

    If she says what are you talking about this place is packed. Go with "Really I have been name some awsome ass place she either might have heard of or some place in another country" instant DHV and then start routine.


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      Based on my experience, the best opener ever is imitation opener. If you find somebody in a group thats all animated, and did some crazy movement. Just go in and say,'' Hi, I like what just did!'' Now, redo what they did, but exagerate their movement! It will create a huge laughter.

      Field Test: Yesterday, I saw this pretty girl with her friend on the street, she's probably showing off some dance movement to her friends. I walked up to her, and say,'' I like what you just did'' and I imitated her. My target and 2 of her friends laughed. I didn't even need to lock-in, they locked me in and started sending me IOIs'' What's your name, hug, do you have a facebook...''

      Conclusion: Sometimes, with a great imitation, you don't even need to DHV. Just cold approach, open(imitate), then A3.

      However, such an opener will not be that great on the street, because the chance of you using are little. But in a party, strip club, concert, dancefloor... Approach people with a great imitation, and you'll be surprised with the results!


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        That's right. 100%.


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          Originally posted by Doctor D View Post
          "Hi!" Best opener ever.
          I think saying hi is great. But do you not think it's a bit facetious to say it works as an opener in itself. I mean, if you simply say hi to a set, I think most will respond with a simple hi. You then have to say something else because they are not going to carry the interaction at that stage. If you don't say more than hi the set stalls and you get blown out. So your opener ends up being hi + a whole lot of other stuff. What do you think?


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            Walk in with a cool smile towards standing crowd.
            Order a drink and shove a $ into her hands,
            Turn away, walk back to sit.

            (Warning! not field tested yet)
            (You guys don't mind if I share brainstorm ideas here, do ye?)
            (Oh, be prepare to lose that cash)

            She should be walking over to scold you
            'what do you think I am' and throw the cash in your face and walk off.

            You get to go in, apologise and....


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              Do you do Yoga?

              Me: A quick question.. (FTC)

              Me: Do you do Yoga? (opener)


              .. Pilates??

              Her: no, no, no, why are you asking?

              Me: The reason I am asking is that you have a perfect posture. (root)

              My dear friend, Shirley, goes to Yoga classes and she has very noble posture.. She looks sooo good (attraction switches: jealousy, non-needy)

              and so on..

              Original opener from Ross Jeffries..

              This is great and leads easily to A2
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