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    Nevermind, I diden't saw the last part about that Decibels guide is a supplement etc.


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      Originally posted by Khaki View Post
      [SIZE="5"][B]Part 3: Getting Started[/B][/SIZE]

      [B][COLOR="Red"]Reality and frames[/COLOR][/B]

      One of the most important things that you can do for your game (and your happiness in general) is to [u]live in your own reality[/u]. It shouldn't matter what other people think of you because you should be "internally validated"... that means that your sense of self-worth should not be based on factors outside of yourself.
      I'm not new to the game, but I'm new to getting a lot of validation from people. I'm not yet used to that.
      I sometimes have a motivation issue, so I motivate myself through validation most of the times, which is bad. I've noticed that my frame goes kaboom as soon as I stop getting enough validation for a day or two.
      What do you guys do internally either to motivate yourselves or to self-validate? I'm trying to get passed this limitation.
      enen as practicing the ghost, as soon as I realize that it's working, I get a surge of adrenaline and I'm on for the night, but it ruins all of my game for the rest of the week, as soon as I stop getting much attention. This is why I peacock mostly, so I can get criticized, I don't get cought into the frame by being a ghost, and then as I realize this I feel like a God(pumping up my flame) I must be nuts.. should I not care at all?


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        Excellent Intro Thread Khaki, I enjoyed reading this.


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          Newbie gets a calm, classy, convincing introduction

          The welcome letter directed my attention to the FAQ. It is much more than the information that it contains. The moderated tone and show of respect for the new member is very attractive and elicits a sense of having found something of real quality.

          Then, stumbling onto this as the subsequent reading, I felt like I was finding the entry point to the delivery on the expectation that the FAQ had left with me.

          Aside from the PUA aspect, it's obvious that you guys are a class act.


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            It's a good description for the undertood one, not for beginners.
            Maybe beginners can hardly understand.