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    im interested to hear your updates that would contradict this post if you're willin to share em! im new to the MM and a girl texted me saying we should go out, then told me her college schedule was m, w and friday til one, and then she has work...I replied hrs later tellin her Ive got a lot of stuff going on and she could tag along with me if I found that smart? I think she may want it because she just got out of a serious relationship...rebound sex?

    she didnt reply to my last text but maybe shes trying to play the game on me because everytime she texts me, I usually dont text back for days so that I can get her to chase me...what do you think my next move should be?


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      Well, these contradictions are really for more of when your inner game is strong and tight and that you are congruent with being a confident, fun, cool guy. As you’re new, I wouldn’t necessarily say that what I could tell you would be of any particular use. I think the model above stands as a good system to work with until you are calibrated as to when you should be seeking, building and breaking rapport (which are essentially the 3 stages of rapport/relationship development).

      Essentially, if you are texting a lot, or asking a lot of questions in set, then you are seeking rapport. In many ways, this is perceived as a DLV behaviour. There is an imbalance between who wants the other the most. Building rapport is when you and the girl are both ‘in rapport’, and is essentially the process of building attraction and then comfort. This is the good place - you get to know each other and ‘connect’. However, there are definitely times when it is necessary to break rapport, and it is important in text game to know when to do this (I outlined this originally).

      However, just as it is necessary to break rapport, so it is important to not go too far the other way. Don’t play it too cool.

      The way I like to think of texting is like a snowball effect. I will generally take time to reply at first. As rapport builds, and the sexual tension builds, then I can text in faster and with sharper replies. However, the minute she does anything to undermine that rapport, then I will break rapport and punish her – with either no reply or a late reply, or of course, a short reply. Then if she apologises, the rapport building goes back a few steps and starts again.

      Another positive thing can be when you hook, text, snowball and THEN break rapport. Now that you’ve hooked, she will chase you. I think you might have been waiting too long if EVERY TIME she is texting you are waiting days to reply. Do you want to close her by the end of the year or not??

      And don’t get drawn into long text/IM conversations without using them as a platform to escalate towards a physical meet. If you spend too long on these non-physical communication systems then, yes, you DO build comfort but: too much comfort + zero kino escalation = LJBF. Always be aware that the texting and the IM game is simply a means to arranging a face-to-face Day 2.

      The other thing that you need to do, is to draw a line in your mind of what kind of behaviour is cool enough for you to respond to. If she texts/messages you something very interesting, then yes, by all means reply. But if she texts you something rubbish, why should you reply? Remember, you are developing the mindset and attitude of a high-value male, so why on earth would you waste your time with something that you found boring? Doing so DLVs you, and subcommunicates that she can do or say WHATEVER, and you will come running – and its nothing to do with her personality, it is simply the fact that she is hot.

      The key to all of this is calibration. Where are you in the attraction process with her? How strongly did you hook her? How attractive is she? What is her personal situation?

      Those are the questions that you need to ask, in order to know how to apply the guidelines I’ve listed above. Of course, if you are just starting then you most likely do not have your calibration perfected, so decide your answers, decide on a plan of attack and roll with it. If it works, great. If it doesn’t, consider where you might have misread the situation and miscalibrated, and make sure not to do it with the next woman.


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        What happened to the HB 7.5 you number closed in May?

        Why did the link go cold?


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          wow, you are very intelligent and insightful....You're right, I need to begin to close the deal..she is an 8 and she just got out of a very serious relationship..she has yet to reply to my last text yesterday, so I'm thinking that either later today or tommorow I will either call er or text her asking when she is available. I do know that attraction exists, which is why I should meet her as soon as possible and begin keno. Thanks for all your help 10pin, this forum is incredible :-)


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            The link went cold because her phone broke, she messaged me on facebook and started playing games. I was having an awesome day (I'd just come into some money) and wanted to share it with the world, I think it may have come across as try-hard, when really I was just hella excited. I possibly could have turned it around but didn't really have the inclination.

            As I say, I'm at a different level now - you live and learn from your mistakes.

            Peejay - best of luck. You have to get to face-to-face meetings and kino escalation as soon as possible. I'm rooting for ya!


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              haha thanks bud, ill keep you updated!


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                Good post [B]10Pin[/B]

                Maybe you can help: Got a cold link since about a week now. Last text she told me her week would be very busy. That was about 6 days ago. I want to recontact her, got a date on Thursday. Should I get back in touch or just let it cold till we meet ? Any other suggestions ? Brief message or longer one describing an event (no questions ofc) ?


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                  Ive been working on my text game as well and this post will serve as both a follow up to my first field report and my success today with the text game.

                  So last night after I acquired jenna's Number I decided to wait until around noon today to text her and say that thats my number
                  Heres a play-by-play

                  Brento text: Hey Jenna,this is my number

                  Jenna Text: Thanks. Shame on you for texting during chapel.

                  (My college has a chapel requirement for every semester, I needed to study for a class however and opted out of going today)

                  -Here I intentionally waited ten minutes before responding-

                  Brento Text: Actually,Im in my room studying! Your the one texting in chapel,
                  Nice try though =P

                  -Almost immediatly-

                  Jenna Text: Dang. Ok...youre the better person. Have fun!

                  I didnt even respond to that one on purpose.
                  A new PUAT(pick up artist in training) Might worry

                  "Oh No!, I dont want her to think im cocky!"
                  but dont HB's love funny/cocky men?

                  On my way back to my dorm from class she spots me before I spot her
                  and I am greeted with a very warm "Hey Brent!" accompanied with a warm smile.
                  With her, If I choose to pursue more then its all downhill from here compared to the initial approach.

                  Please submit all questions/critiques and props!


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                    There's a lot of very good advice on this thread - I'm of the opinion that texting can, when done right, convey the sort of attitude you want to portray to others. Just remember to keep it congruent. That's the real key to anything.

                    I remember a friend of mine got the number of a girl he was lusting after for YEARS and almost straight away messaged her with some lame text saying 'it was great talking to you today' or some shit like that. Not the sort of thing he would normally say. Needless to say, he crashed and burned with that one (but he hooked up with and married a HB9.5, so it didn't turn out that bad)

                    The sort of texts I like to use are playful ones - like if a girl hasn't messaged me in awhile, I've asked (just yesterday actually), "Why haven't you messaged me lately? Were you involved in an accident that broke both of your thumbs? " The upshot of this was conversation was reinitiated and she ended up telling me I was hilarious and asking when I was going to invite her out for a drink...

                    Or another one, in setting up a dinner date with two girls - "I need some guinea pigs to try my cooking out on, but I'm afraid I might poison I've decided people I either don't know or care about, namely you and your friend " Did it work? You bet...hook, line and sinker. They're coming over next Friday.

                    By themselves, these messages WON'T WORK. They work for me because I've already demonstrated to these girls the type of character I am - they know it's C/F. Sometimes I go a bit too far, and they won't reply back, but I just wait a few days and try again...I'll never apologize for their inability to either see or take a joke.

                    10Pin has got it down - frame control is really all it's about, and willingness to walk away should be evident in your texting. At the end of the day, it's more about giving enough value to set up another meeting than trying to further the relationship - you can't close over a text message


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                      Weird text game spot I got into earlier today.

                      This girl I used to mess around with a bit texted me earlier asking what's up. We haven't really been in touch ovfer the last few months but the other week I reopened her and decided to see if I could start all over from scratch (although she now has a boyfriend) . Anyway, I responded to her saying that I was eating lunch and commenting about how it was beautiful out and Friday, a really positive frame. She didn't respond to me.

                      Is this a shit test? Or is that unlikely and perhaps something serious came up. Why whould she text, then when I respond ten minutes later totally flake out on the interaction? I'm not emotionally invested in the situation just wondering what the best route to take from here is so I can continue forward.

                      Thanks for any insight!


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                        been doin real bad at this lately, thanks for the advice


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                          Great post. I can do about everything with only a phone number nowadays. Just as with instant messaging.

                          interesting view on miscalibration and missinterpretaion. You can use that to introduce new arguments too. Best way to use it is to get her to laugh her ass off because of what you imply, or pretend she's implied. I mean.. she's gonna get the maximum amout of emotion(good or bad) from any one of my texts.


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                            i expierienced two things while doing text game:

                            1. taking her on a virtual journey works, humor works, roleplay works. starting like: "where do we both travel first after we married?"

                            2. with any type of escalation within texts: be cautious. ich she likes it and complies... go on... if not - stop immidiately. it can be the case, that she just cant imagine beeing touched by you while reading sms. i would only use sms for escalation if it works very good. bud: meeting her the next time can cause problems. to use an extreme example: maybe you fucked her already, virtually, within a text game. without having fucked her (real) yet... then you might get in trouble in the next date... because there is not a claer compliance-level you both share...

                            i prefer using sms for maintenance... not for any further gaming...