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    This is one of the most inspirational posts I have read on this forum. I agree 100% with this post Im not hear primarily to learn how to pick up women I am here to learn how to spread positivity more effectively and leaving everybody that meets me better because of it. I figure I get this down and my ability to "pick up" women will increase naturally so I wont have to consciously run "game" in order to score the women I want.

    Again briliant post absolutely briliant!
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      Originally posted by G-Child View Post
      Thanks a lot Wolf. I appreciate your kind words and respect your skills and thoughts on the game. Just knowing that someone who I respect thinks so highly of something I've written is an incredible compliment. I just know that mystery is a visionary and he wanted this to be a community of guys helping each other. I think if we start looking at the Venusian Arts as a calling and passion, which it definitely is for me, then I think we can gain higher and higher levels of happiness.

      I've often said a righteous pursuit of the Venusian Arts is a Noble Calling. We are knights, but our armours are braclets and cool wristbands, our shields are our disarming personalities, our swords are energy and passion. Lets hold ourselves to the highest standards and we can truly inprove the world one social gathering at a time.
      Wow G-Child, I love your posts. I wish more men could become PUAS and I wish more PUAS could become Venusian Artists. You just described the man of our dreams. I’m trying to help men understand we don’t want neither a “nice guy” nor a “bad boy” but a “Venusian Artist”. I think your OP can also be applied for the Female Venusian Artists, I will post it in my blog for them and I’ll give you credit for it. I agree with AW, this is excellent for inner game. Keep spreading your good vibe in this community!



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        Originally posted by Artemisa View Post
        I wish more men could become PUAS
        I wish more PUAs could become men. Don't wish me bad