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  • The Venusian Arts Q&A Sessions Vol8: Hawaii from The Venusian Arts (Finished)

    Hey guys,

    It is my pleasure to hand the floor over to Hawaii to answer all your questions and help you all become better Venusian Artists.

    Besides the 3 founders of, Hawaii is by far the most experienced VA Instructor, having instructed at over 30 live bootcamps and seminars across the country in the past 2 years. Not the typical player, Hawaii is a short, skinny, 30-something, average looking Asian guy, former nerdy accountant, transformed into someone successful with women after years of hard work. Hawaii is Mystery's former Personal Assistant and has been working with him for 2 years since August 2005.

    Ever since his introduction to Mystery almost 3 years ago in the spring of 2004, he has worked toward improving his and others game. His game and teaching skills have dramatically improved after training 1-on-1 with Mystery, Matador, Lovedrop and Mehow. Hawaii consistently goes out to improve his own game by practicing on the endless sets in Vegas.

    Hawaii lives in Las Vegas and loves music, concerts, buffets, and women. Since moving to Vegas in August 2004, he has seen over 200+ concerts and ate at all 65 Casino buffets in less than 1 year. One of his ex girlfriends was an exotic dancer in Sin City. He holds a B.S. in Accounting from Nebraska and worked as an Auditor for 4 years for a Fortune 200 and 1000 Corporation. He is privileged to turn the game into a career and lifestyle that many men envy.

    Hawaii will be holding 3 bootcamps in Vegas in August, and is available for 1-on-1 consultation.

    you can check out his reviews here:


    Now on with the questions!

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    Get her number early and eject?

    I remember reading in the old mystery website(around 2002) that you should get the number early and eject in order to avoid damaging the first good impression you generated.

    Is this still accepted wisdom in MM? How long should you try to stay in a set?


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      [URL=""]Originally Posted by Neo [/URL]
      ... sometimes I interrupt the set when I can just tell my wing is about to lose it.

      My question is in regards to the quote from Neo given to Greystoke on the Q&A session that is now closed because of Neo's emergency. Hope it's nothing serious

      When interrupting a set as a wingman because it is about to crash, how exactly do you get it back on track so that the wing still manages to maintain his status as Alpha in the set. If I interrupt a set because it is about to crash I would assume I still follow wing rules, but by jumping in could that not cause a DLV of your wing if it's perceived he was getting shut out and you came into rescue.

      We have trouble with this in the Memphis Lair (BTW it would be awesome if you and the other instructors stopped by and said hi [url][/url]) . We usually just let the set crash because we are unsure what exactly we could do to pick the set back up. Some of us have different energy levels and inadvertently can take a set away from a new guy struggling. Please help with this.


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        my question is .. have you come across girls, nice hb 8 and 9 and 10, under 21 who are willing to have a one night stand.. i think its more common in older women.. what is your view on it?


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          Hello hello

          Talk to us about HOOKING sets. To me that's the sticking point. I mean, if I've hooked a girl to enjoy herself everything becomes so much easier because she literally helps me game her.

          Am I correct that it goes BASICALLY as something like this:
          1) You appear interesting.
          2) You use C&F, be a challange, disqualify yourself, etc
          And the results of that is that she becomes hooked?

          Because in my mind C&F, challange, and disqualifying won't work unless you are interesting to her. Am I seeing things clearly? If not, put some new lenses on my eyes. =)

          Thank ye.


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            Originally posted by Hawaii
            Mystery recommends that you stay in set an extra five minutes after you take her number. However, most solid number closes are in the 20-40 minute range. The quick number closes usually result in flakes. Aim to talk to her for at least 15-20 minutes.
            How about trying to stay in the set or with the girl as long as possible? This would mean to try to advance as far as possible in the MM structure(like trying to reach C3 at least)?


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              More and more I am starting to believe there really is no such thing as AA. Surprisingly I approach much easier.

              Please follow this link and lets nail this down once and for all:

              [b]Why is AA built up so much in this community?[/b] What gives Mystery the qualification of "educating" us that AA is hardwired? Unfortunately AFCs follow what people of a higher expertise have to say and they adopt the illusion of AA as a reality. So as they continue to progress and become better, they still view it as a problem. When, in fact, more and more people are discovering that they experience it because it is built up so much by this community. Translation: There is no such thing. Or even if it was part reality, we wouldn't see so many threads and discussion about it. Maybe from the REAL shy guys.

              This is a major aspect of your system that needs to be revised. Get rid of the emphasis on AA and it will not be a problem for most guys. This just is blurring reality, and robbing people of success.

              This shouldn't be a tough question to answer.
              Last edited by Dynamism; 07-31-2007, 11:23 AM.


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                General Daygame and Nightgame advice needed!

                Hello Hawai,

                This is the situation:

                In a few days, I am going to travel around my country. Aside a lot of fun activities, sarging will be one of the main focusses. Most of the days I will bounce from city to city so there [COLOR="#ff0000"]won't be much day2's[/COLOR], because I am then already in another city. So here, a few questions relatated to this holiday trip.

                1. At [COLOR="#ff0000"]day time[/COLOR] how should my game plan be?
                I mean:
                > How long should I stay in each stage of the m3 model.
                > And what are the most important parts of these stages in day game.
                > Is a kiss close possible? If yes, how and when?
                > And is f-close possible (fool's mate right?) a possibilty for a RAFC or should my name be Mystery, Matador or Hawai to get that? If yes, how and when?

                2. According to question one, what is different from daytime to [COLOR="Red"]nighttime[/COLOR]?
                I mean, the uses of techniques and the odds of getting a f-close?

                3. Are there still some things I have to know when I am going to traveling and sarge at the same time?

                Already thanks man! I really could use your advice (you guys have a lot of experience) at this moment, and can't wait to apply it on the trip!


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                  Please share some of your thoughts on effective leading the interaction, or just leadership in general if you prefer.


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                    How do you open and maintain 6+sets ? Could you give some examples from personal experience ?


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                      Hawaii, perhaps you missed my post about wing etiquette here:

                      I also have another question about wing rules as we are trying to sort this out. When PUA #1 ejects from a set for whatever reason is that cause for PUA #2 to enter that set?

                      We have a member of our Lair that has a habit of entering into a set only after another PUA has ejected. It would seem that if PUA #1 got blown out he should still have the right to go back into that set and maintain his control. I read some article somewhere that Mystery entered a set several times, each time getting blown out, before he was able to hook the set.

                      So I am curious when is a set fair game and is it ever cool for another PUA in your group to enter the set after you get blown out or eject?


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                        In what points do you think indirect is better than direct?


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                          Question for a new guy

                          Hey Hawaii, its funny because I'm probably wind up in Hawaii.
                          This one's two fold:

                          A expert bootcamp instructor!

                          Tell me how has Myster's teachings have influences your views on pick up, how PU has relates to life, social dynamics, and to womanhood?

                          2. I'm a rAFC and its taken alot just to realize it was MY fault and I'm responsible for change. With the new "changes" (media overexposure) how would a guy go about learning PUA now?

                          What pitfalls to avoid during this rAFC learning process to avoid?