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  • Long Distance Gaming?

    Alright, so i work with several girls at my job. All of them are like 8 to 10. Recently one of em has kind of takin a liking to me, so I've been sort of gaming her while at work. The issue is, she lives about an hour from me. So I'm finding it difficult to think of reasons to get her out with me. I found out yesterday that she doesn't drink, which takes out a pretty good reason to come to my town aside from work which is, "hey lets go have a drink". In fact, shes pretty much the exact opposite of a party girl, which is something I've had little experience dealing with... So what might some of yall suggest?

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    To me it sounds like you're making excuses. She lives one hour from you? So? Go by car. You'll have lots of time to build comfort and report. She doesn't drink? Take her out to dinner.

    Have you read "The Game" by Neil Strauss? There he writes that it is harder to game partygirls. Because they are distracted and jumping around so they don't listen to what you say. Opposite from them: The normal girls listen and think on what you say and usually are easier to game.

    - Seduction. Reader of books 0_o


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      Agreed with Seduction on the latter of my buddies made an observation a while back - "Smart girls eat PUA material up, whereas ditzy girls/party girls are harder to hook"


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        I agree, don't make excuses. You can invite her to a fun activity that you will already be doing. You can take her someplace that pertains to one of her interests. You can even have her come shopping with you to give her opinion on something.

        None of this has to involve "Let's go have a drink." You're INVITING HER INTO YOUR REALITY. What do you like to do, where do you need to go? Just have her tag along. The focus is HANGING OUT TOGETHER, not DRINKING or PARTYING.