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  • Girl I must close and build mega attr. FAST!

    Men I need help!
    Okay, i was in the hostel common room writing in my diary - then Sarah who I met in may (I'd been here before) remembered me and we hugged excitedly and she invited me to join her and some of the asian guests she had just walked through the city.
    I joined them, for social proof, and the guests were nice but their english was ordinary so they spoke amongst themselves and I spoke to Sarah. Cool. Then the asian girls left, so it was us two. Aware that people were checking in, and there were girls in the room, I moved my body position so it looked like Sarah was hitting on me. I purposely let the conversation die a few times, and each time she restarted it - so I know it was going well and looked good to others.
    Then I went to my room (a 6 bed mixed dorm), and some girls had moved in. They completely took over the room, so the moment I walked in I made a joke about my room disappearing, is this my room etc. They recieved it well, (so their english is good, relief!) and that was their first impression of me, which is better than the usual 'hello' 'hello'.. So then I sat on my bed and the cutest of the set actually opened me, introducing herself, confidently and directly. Cool we're at A2. She then introduced herself to the guy in the bed above, out of respect, but then redirected her attention to me. I was honest this time and said I was from Australia - which she either faked excitement at, or was genuinely interested or whatever. No matter, it was a signal of attraction. I figured she must have seen me in the lounge being super cool and interesting to Sarah cos this is out of nowhere. I was also dressed kinda cool, I've been experimenting with Tshirts over the top of longsleeve shirts... (getting some attention in the city, too. It's good stuff. I freaking shaped my eyebrows today and bought makeup, don't know if i'll have the courage to use it though. sorry ADD- back to story)

    I just need to somehow demonstrate some supercoolness to her and then hopefully seed the conversation with ideas about meeting in Switzerland (there you go, she's swiss), then go for the facebook close. I don't want to risk falling into the friendship zone so do I try to kiss her?? - thing is, it has to be tonight -she leaves tomorrow! Little time!!

    I know you freaking incredible PUAs have amazing knowledge with this stuff. How do I, in a few minutes of conversation - while competing with her friends for her (she's the treasured hot one) - make her trust me and be attracted to me enough to give me her facebook and genuinely want to meet me again?

    I might have the option of using Sarah, who I can arrange to be here or maybe come out tonight, to use as a tool to get her - you know, already having a girl or girl friend will make her like me, right... But how do I engineer this into working?? Do I try to win over her friends? Do I ignore her a little and be super cool (I dunno, tell stories about Kangaroo divining?) or- or- or what? I have other friends here I can go and meet, do I try to take them all out? I'm just in a world of confusion and it's not helping.

    At this stage we're friendly so I can probably get a laboured facebook close out of her, but I really want this to be solid, and have her really wanting to see me again - any advice mega mega appreciated fellas. Even just some mindset stuff, cos I've got her on a bit of a pedestal and as you can see I'm making a simple situation difficult. Probably. Love to you all
    - DF

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    Sounds like you're super outcome dependent, ie, you really want to make this happen. Bad news—this will come across in your subcommunications and make you look needy.

    Solution is to live a life of abundance, so that no single interaction makes a difference. I know this is easier said than done, but it comes with time.

    Do I ignore her a little and be super cool or- or- or what?
    Just focus on being fun so you don't become stuck in your head. Fun = ultimate attraction switch.

    "I know you freaking incredible PUAs have amazing knowledge with this stuff."
    lol, if you knew how many guys posting on PUA forums were living in their parents basements playing xbox all day...
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      Lure her into my basement with an xbox! That's a great idea, girls her age love that. The xbox, probably not my basement..

      But yeah super dependant on this outcome, I think I just know it's halfway there and I just gotta take a few steps and it's done, then I can at least find out if she's really such a great girl! Alright, lesson learned, the word for this interaction is FUN. I'll begin by explaining my 16th century earthenware collection to her, in detail. Using sign language. B-)
      Thanks heaps, calmed down a bit now!


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        One more thing, be fun, but don't become the dancing monkey. Your level of investment/effort should be similar to theirs.

        No matter what happens, don't worry about it. If the interaction goes nowhere, fine. In the beginning of your journey, everything is just about developing skills and positive attitudes.